Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hayden: changing a ton these days.

Ok, so I was looking back over Hayden's first milestones- mostly because he has started sitting up by himself with a much better stability and trying to get his little army crawl going!  Those little knees are trying soo hard to get under... mostly now its just little squirmy-creepy-crawling attempts.  I'm a little blow away how fast it has come!!

To summarize (for fun):

Hayden learned to roll over back to front & front to back just about 3.5 months old.  of course its tough to catch on camera, but here is our commemorative shot with his Papa. :-)

November 12, 2011

He found his toes by his 4 month Dr appt.

November 28, 2011

And then it seems like the pace really picked up...

Hayden learned to 'push-up' and get up on his elbows at 4.5 months.  Makes him so much more fun to photograph!!

December 16, 2011

Then came the sweet little tripod move which he learned again at Grammy & Papa's house right before Christmas.  Closing in on 5 months.

December 24, 2011

Not exciting, but I have loved him getting a hold of both feet at once. haha, too cute!!  definitely the 'happy baby'.  :-)

December 26th & 28th, 2011.  Merry Christmas baby.  5 months old.

January rolls around - for Hayden literally - and the sitting up and crawling, scooting, squirming begin.

January 14th, 16th, & 18th, 2012.  5.5 months old.

my my how time does fly.

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