Friday, January 13, 2012

James is TWO

Happy Birthday muscle man.  This is 'show me your muscles' :-)

My boy James is 2 years old.  I've been a little bit emotional about it today- mostly just so overjoyed when I look at my little fella.  I feel so blessed to have a healthy, growing, happy boy.  I can't wait to take him to the doctor to see how big he is.  I can't wait to have more conversations with him as he learns to express himself even more.  There are so many things in his life that just plain excite me.  Now, I seriously don't love that his new favorite thing is to lay on the floor and cry when he's upset. haha, but I guess that comes with the territory of being 2.  We're gonna work on that one. :-)

I am so grateful that the Lord has given him to us, and I hope we never take him for granted.  That is something I hope to do: be thankful for every day that I'm given with both my boys.

Here is some birthday fun.  James the fly boy.

Birthday balloooooons!

Speed Racer.

Toddler buddies.  Thanks for sharing in James' birthday.  We loved spending time with you!

Blocks. :-)

Birthday dinner.  Such a big boy.  sweet dreams tonight my 2 year old man.

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