Wednesday, January 25, 2012

a little of this, a little of that...

I'm really loving capturing lots of little moments in our everyday.  It feels hard to find a good way to 'sum up' or describe my little collage of photos... but every time I still want to.  

My little cheeser with his big boy hair cut.  Queen city.  Play time.  iPod snuggles.  Roo's the lucky one. sleepin' like a baby.  Such a happy fella.

Life in the Prose house: Razberries with dada.  Giraffes taste good.  Snuggle time with dada.  Silly mama & silly James.  James & AK.  gettin' in shape.  Working on those knees.  Getting good at the backwards scoot to knees.  Dada & Hayden.  Cheeeese!!  Baby plank- impressed!  Trying new hair do...

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