Saturday, October 1, 2011


We got the treat of taking our two boys to the NC Zoo today.  'Ole James loved it.  He is picking up so many things everyday now- he said zoo today.  He was practicing his animal sounds with dada in preparation for the zoo at breakfast.  He follows directions and is so proud of himself when he does something new.  He is such a joy (besides our toddler tantrums that do occur waay to often for my taste).

And he has the best daddy.  Our buddy was getting pretty tired as our zoo journey was coming to a close and didn't want to sit in the stroller anymore.  So after Daddy got him out to see the elephants, he got a big ride for a few minutes which helped him settle for the rest of our walk out of the park.

So proud of my boy.  So thankful for my patient hubby.  definitely the moment that I want to remember- when a tough moment can become a sweet one.  Lord, may you give us the grace to give to our children in those moments, and may we recognize those moments more often.  Thank you.

Now, the coolest moment of the day was a tie:  a) the gorilla sleeping next to the glass where James got to hang out and watch him.  or b) the chimpanzee who ran up to the glass, startled James, then became his bff and they hung out face to face at the glass for a bit.  just hangin' out.

This was the best pic we could get.  I choose option b. :-)  ps. we did take turns watching the chimpanzee (James is still the red head, haha)

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