Saturday, October 29, 2011

some Davidson love.

We had the pleasure of making some last minute plans with our friends the McDaniels and the Andreassons for the costume march in Davidson.  So much fun. :-)

We got to enjoy how cute our little ones looked in their costumes- enjoy each other's company (which we don't get enough of)- and enjoy the beautiful downtown Davidson main street (gotta love that small town feel in the Fall!)

Can't get enough of my sweet little pumpkin.

Too funny. :-)  What does that lip say to you?  "you said there'd be candy. I don't see it."

Matt and I and our boys.  We had a blast- as you can see we found some candy. haha!  Our little cheeser.

Can you believe he wore the hat the whole time??  He actually loved his costume.  He kept patting himself on the belly because it was all soft I'm sure... haha.  Love him.

Thanks again Meredith for inviting us!! We loved it.  We love you guys. :-) Can't wait to play again soon!

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