Saturday, October 1, 2011

Daddy's big helper: washing the dog.

Yes, helping Daddy wash the dog is so much fun...
I can spray the hose all by myself.  Daddy, I'm totally YOUR son.

I'm soaking wet from head to toe.
My favorite phrase of late: go, go, GO!!

I'm losing my britches- my mom's in stitches.
Did you say you wanted the soap??

Roo you're such a good sport.  I'm shocked you report
that he actually behaved.
But seriously James, your pants won't stay- you must come in and change.

I'm almost done! I've had too much fun
washing this dog today.

What's that you say?? Come inside, hey hey
Did I tell you Mama how I can spray 
the hose all my myself??

I'll get you yet!! You're not yet wet...

wait. now I'm cold. I'm done!!!

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