Sunday, October 23, 2011

mr. pumpkin head

Matt and I got James a pumpkin to 'carve' as a 'Mr. Pumpkin Head' as opposed to the obvious original.  Check him out!!  I'm getting excited to put out all our flowers and pumpkins for the trick-or-treaters next weekend.  Matt went to WORK on our yard and it looks awesome- can't wait to take some picture of my little 'pumpkins' with our pumpkins on the front steps. :-)  Fall, I love you.

much to exciting to stop for pictures...

James loved the candles in the real jack-o-latern.  He kept wanting to blow them out... haha

nice carving job daddy!  My sweet hubs doing something so fun with our little fella while our babe was a wailin' with me most of the time in the house. :-(  Days like this are normally just 'disaster' kind of days where nothing happens except a lot of crying and a kickin' head ache for this mommy. yes, that's why I call it, to myself, a disaster of a day.  I don't even know what time it is. haha.  Thank you Lord for a husband as GOOD to me and my boys as mine.  Thanks for taking care of me- I needed you today. :-)  ps. you are one handsome fella.

Cheeeeese! :-) Can you believe those curls?? hilarious.

ahh. sweet reflection on my little family and now its time for bed!!!

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