Wednesday, October 12, 2011

See See!!

First: this was our longest drive to date with the two boys AND I did it by myself.  YEAH!!  We are just warming up for our first drive to FL... :-)  Gotta make a trip down to visit soon!

My favorite thing James is doing now a days: spotting planes and helicopters in the sky!  You may be thinking yeah right, but since we live by the hospital and not far from the airport, we see quite a few every day.  Who sees them first?? James! haha

He spotted this plan from the playground by Aunt Darcy and Uncle Josh's house.

"See See!! See it, See it!"

My favorite thing that Hayden's doing these days: sucking his fingers!!  I wish I had a picture of that to share... so sweet!!

James loved getting to see Corrie get on the bus to go to school in the morning.  Mostly I think he loved the bus itself, but he was pretty excited to see Corrie come home!!

James had a great time playing with Madeline too- They chased each other up and down the hallways, and he pretty much wanted to follow her around all the time. haha.  Here he is getting all snuggled up with her while she was trying to draw.

So nice to have a chance to play...

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