Tuesday, April 30, 2013

the waiting game.

They say the end of pregnancy is playing the waiting game... and boy did we play.it.  (even on the day he was born)  I feel so grateful for my amazing husband&boys who were so good to me & for me while we waited.

My 'big boys' played for over an hour that morning at their train table after Daddy found 4 new trains at a garage sale - and mommy sat. and watched. and enjoyed.

We are so lucky to have humming birds nesting in the trees behind out house & the visit us.  Their tiny bodies & wings so fast & thin little tongues.  very peaceful to watch.  Our favorites we have named 'Tigey' and 'Lightening McQueen'.

My husband just loved me in so many tangible ways.  He cleaned the dishes & ran the dishwasher.

He took the boys on 'big adventures' down to the lake & around the neighborhood.

He found a great little flower stand to bring me home a little bit of beauty.  He was amazing - in the midst of not really always knowing how to help me physically feel better, he found so many ways to lift my spirit & show me love.  I am truly blessed.

Did I mention that he even made me waffles one morning??  how did I get so lucky.

My sweet James - I asked him to help Hayden put on his shoes for me.  I was really curious to see if he could & I am now realizing how much he can do when I give him the chance.  What a fun way to see your oldest growing right before your eyes - rising to the challenge of new tasks with excitement & joy.  He was saying... "alright Hayden, you just sit right there, and you just put your toes in first..."

These two would come in and snuggle mommy in bed & have cartoons.  What a tough life.  ;-)  but, so very sweet & easy on momma.

We had our share of times to laugh at how crazy & messy & silly our days were.

and the sink didn't always stay clean & the toys didn't always get picked up & the projects were in progress in the yard.  We stayed busy.

and Daddy was covered in dirt for this sprinkler system repair.  which is always a good time for the boys to watch from the windows... "why is daddy in the ground?"

I also have to just to say sitting & soaking in some of Beth Moore's study on Esther - Anne Voskamp's new devotional - www.shereadstruth.com & their daily devotional on YouVersion - my pandora station of All Sons and Daughters - these kept my mind centered & heart thankful.  So many things in life are painful & hard & burdensome & mentally heavy - I just hope my boys can read this one day and know where their mommy went for courage & strength & patience.  I would be a terrible mom without Jesus.

I must also acknowledge all the sweet gifts & things that came in my mailbox which made my waiting days exciting. ;-)

 My 'big boys' - such troopers for mommy.  Can't wait to see you BOTH taking on the big brother role!

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