Monday, April 29, 2013

The last few days of carrying.

Carrying our baby.boy.number.three. was a tough job.  I really loved being pregnant with our 1st: but it was pretty difficult to not be afraid of so many unknowns & the smallest pains or incidents felt huge.  I was so thrilled to be pregnant with our 2nd: but chasing a toddler & having to lift him was  The end of that pregnancy felt like torture with all the false labor & no wonder it felt that way because he was 9 lbs 11oz. Oi.  I would be dishonest if I said anything but I was again thrilled, overjoyed to be pregnant with out 3rd: but this one was by far the most difficult.

Our 1st trimester:  We moved from Charlotte & were staying at my parents' while we house hunted & closed on our new home.  I was sick - sick - sick.  Having 2, 2 yrs & under was quite the challenge, and we weren't even in our own home.  Then of course, it was unpacking, settling in, getting the house organized & in order while sick & pregnant & 2 toddlers.  Challenging is the word I will choose.

Our 2nd trimester:  I kept hoping for the energy kick- to clean house & really get everything settled.  We transitioned Hayden from the paci & into the toddler bed & James worked on getting the potty training finished & turned 2 yrs old.  But we made friends quickly & had lots of playdates at the house were I didn't have to go far when I didn't feel well.

Our 3rd trimester: Yes, challenging.  extremely.  We found out our little buddy was breech at our 36 week ultrasound to check on his weight (since Hayden was so big) - we were surprised to say the least. We were scheduled for an external cephalic version (which means they flip him from the outside of my tummy), and went in two days later & PRAISE.THE.LORD. they were able to flip him.  Here is a pic of my 'breech baby' belly.  No wonder he carried so much differently.

I did try all kids of inversions & sitting on the exercise ball to help him turn with no success.  So, we got everything ready for him just in case we had to have the emergency c-section.  Washed his bed & all his new little clothes & packed our bag.

Breech baby belly VS. head down baby belly!! I felt so.much.better. after he had flipped.  My heartburn almost disappeared & I was able to rest better.  Until my early labor kicked in.  I was in early labor for over a week this time.  whew, thank you Lord for your protection & sustaining me.

The last few days of carrying Calvin.  Very challenging - but you were worth it my precious boy.  We finished setting up your room... which  It is funny, but I love your room so much more now with you in it.

We got your lovies monogrammed & after that we were ready.  ;-)  bags packed & ready to meet you.

 This I took the morning of the day you were born, little buddy.  39 weeks even...

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