Friday, May 3, 2013

Introducing... Calvin Dean Prose!!

Oh baby boy was I ready the day you were born.  My sweet neighbor even brought me homemade Eggplant Parmesan to try & help.  ;-)  You never know... that's what I had for dinner the night Hayden was born...!

Your birth story is so different from your brothers.  I had been in early labor - consistently inconsistent - for over a week.  My 39 week dr. appointment went well & I was already dilated to 4cm... just waiting for you to kick it into high gear!

So we waited... labored all night - just enough that I couldn't sleep hardly - and all morning.  Grammy came up that Tuesday night because I was afraid I would need to leave your brothers in the middle of the night.  Her help Wednesday was so appreciated.  Daddy & I waited around that morning... 10-15 min apart... 8-12 min apart... 5-7 min apart... and finally by around 4pm we decided it was time to go.  Very anticlimactic.  My contractions were 3-5 min for 2 hrs, but just not that strong.

So we go.

We check in... I wasn't crazy - they were 3-5 min apart.  Then, they decided I needed IV - which killed my labor.  Not sure why that is, but my contractions all but stopped.  I was already to 5cm (which was a disappointment itself) & I felt like a big goober who wasn't really in labor.  They were all ready to get me on pitocin (which nearly made me cry when they walked in with it).  I had been asking to get up and walk & they finally acquiesced.  So Matt & I walked...

and we walked.  We joked about how this was what we pictured 'labor' would be when we were pregnant the 1st time.  I walked around my room looking at all the tools.  Boy was I ready for this little kangaroo warmer to 'admit MY baby'.

We were very frustrated & tired.  Our dr suggested that breaking my water may be easier on my body than the pitocin - so we went for it.  And you were born 1 hour & 15 min later.  Boy was that a quick & intense hour.

But you.  Our little Calvin Dean Prose.  Born 11:11 pm on April 24, 2013.  8 lbs 7 oz & 21 & 1/4 in long.  perfect.

Your midnight-welcome-group.

Sweet boy who looks so much like daddy but still has mommy's dimples.  ;-)

Welcome to our family Calvin.  We are so glad you are here!!

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