Thursday, April 4, 2013


We have been working on our LONG list of spring cleaning: yard work & repairs & house cleaning & baby prep.  whew- this spring will definitely top the charts for busy in our books, but praise the Lord we have had lots of quiet time as well.  I sometimes think I must be given a special gift on days when my normal 1.5-2 hr afternoon nap time = rest time for me is extended to 2.5-3 hours!  Isn't it good that the Lord knows what we need??

Our little helper: tongue out - little wheel barrow - raking leaves & hauling them to the street with daddy.  Yes, cowboy boots & pjs.

One step of our clean out... couldn't believe these ferns growing at least 2 feet over the concrete... woah.  Can't wait for them all to be gone.

Little guys playing trucks diggin' in the dirt.  Do you think we need a sandbox?? haha- James tells me that his trucks have nothing to scoop.  ;-)

Early Spring treat: day at the beach where the trucks can scoop to the boys hearts' content.  haha- St. Patrick's Day green & surprise photo op with a kind stranger.  Oh.humility.  Pregnancy is so unglamorous.  But the opportunity to give your body for the good&growth of another is a beautiful image.  This body is being used for good & I am so encouraged by the idea that the sacrifice is Christ-like.  Happy to use this vessel & grateful for the chance to be used.

My sweet husband took us all to one of our favorite 'date spots' in St. Augustine when we were first getting to know each other.  We laughed: it's been 10 years this summer since we worked at Crossroads.  7 Since we've been married & now 3 little boys have/will be join us in this.  Family date after beach time was just as special & maybe even more romantic than our solo dates way back when...

I mean this face...

I love this man.  Can't believe how great a daddy he is- what a wonderful partner & how he loves me.  grace.grace.grace. blessing.undeserved.

 Oh little hair cut #2 in prep for baby bro & Easter 2013.  Could just eat him up!!  Mr. Sandy blond / golden haired / strawberry brunette.

 and this.  I so love his 'McDreamy' hair but when it's all cut clean&neat I could just swoon.

Best time of the day: when daddy comes home.

Best part of the day for mommy: peaceful brother time collaboration.

Love seeing their size contrast & how alike they are.  Monkey see, Monkey do.

and yes, we spend a lot of time in our pjs these days.  but these days are fleeting & I wouldn't change it for the world.

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