Monday, April 1, 2013


James Michael Prose - 3 years (38.5 months) - now introduces himself as such, "my name is James Michael Prose" ;-)

This guy.  "I was just... driving down the road in my jeep - fast fast"  He loves to be outside: riding his bike & trike & driving the jeep & anything.  Digging in dirt & splashing in puddles.  He's daddy's big helper for any kind of chore.  and he loves to help cook in the kitchen!

He can't get enough of books & loves to read.  He will 'sneak' looking at pictures sometimes when he's supposed to be napping or going to bed - but I let him get away with that because I would love for him to keep developing his love for books.  He reads books that he's memorized & impresses me to no end with how long his memory lasts.

James is 36 or 37 pounds now & probably 40 inches tall or more!  I feel like I just put him in 3T clothes & now he's growing out of them already.  4T t shirts for us & will definitely have to buy some 4T pants for Fall!  crazy.

James has really started to have 'imaginative play' now as well - he's discovered a love of dinosaurs, but he now narrates for anything: trucks, trains, dinos, stuffed toys.  His toys are very well mannered which makes me smile - "would you like to come? oh yes thank you!" haha

James, you never cease to amaze me these days.  So proud of you big boy.  Thank you for all your good choices - and for forgiving mommy when I need to be.  For kissing all my boo boos (even when they weren't committed by you) & for asking for snuggles every night with daddy.  Gosh, I almost can't even believe how much I can name to be thankful for.  grace.grace.grace.

Hayden Matthew Prose - 20 months old! and closing in on his 2nd birthday here in the next 4 months! wow.  My 'little guy' is probably 28 lbs & 34 in tall.

This 'little guy' loves his big bro & follows him around all day.  You can see him sitting at the little blue table with James in the background of the 'before&after' playroom picture. haha.  But, surprisingly, he plays very well on his own already.  He loves to do shapes & play trains at the train table.  I find him with a book in his lap sitting in his little chair often which I just love.

Hayden is my big helper too - following in James' footsteps.  He likes to have his own job & although the attention span for it is short, he actually does help!  He is very good about throwing his dirty clothes in the hamper & we are getting better about picking up toys...

Hayden is starting to develop his own preferences for movies & is learning songs!  James has become quite the singer lately - amazingly singing entire songs out of the blue - and Hayden is too!!  It really blows me away because I have to be listening or I'll miss the attempt to sing by little H.  He sings his prayers at meals now & will even supply words & sounds for songs we sing while I change his diaper.  Veggies Tales & Wheels on the bus & Jake and the neverland pirates & Jesus loves me.  amazing.

James is learning his ABCs now and is really getting the hang of it with his puzzle to practice on - Hayden can actually sing ABCs already & count to 10!!  I'm serious- I think its because they have developed a love for hide & seek lately - Hayden will cover his eyes and say, "one, two, three, ready or not, here I come!! peek a boo! I found you!"  It may also be from some of his favorite books... either way the letters & counting are so early.

They sat themselves like this & shared (I'm sure briefly) before of course the chaos that does happen occurred.

Hayden will gladly participate in cooking or rather, watching cooking.  especially when it involves something he's excited to eat.  These were brownies we made while waiting for daddy to come home... haha.  Talk about some eager helpers.

Hayden, mommy&daddy are so proud of you & all you've learned in life already.  you continue to amaze us & your precious personality with all your, " (j)yess, I do, I do"  statements & your ability to keep up with big brother.  How you never get out of bed (seriously never) when you're supposed to go to sleep & how tight you give hugs & how you get so mad if you're left out of any activity "I come toooo"!!  We love you.

I am so thankful for brothers who love each other & enjoy each other so much.  It is really pretty amazing at this age the bond they share.  Despite toy snatching & hitting & any episode which involves both crying&screaming -  I can see it - and it means so much more when the lesson includes how brother is more important than the toy... and that we should check to make sure brother is okay if he's crying - those lessons going both ways are precious to watch.

Thank you Lord for the chance to be a momma of boys.  I am loving watching them grow!

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