Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hayden: 6 months and first food.

Little Hayden is 6 months now.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of him naked at the dr like I had hoped.  We had a bit of a crazy Dr. appt because for some unknown reason, he was throwing up before and during the appointment.  A little spit up, ok, that doesn't happen very often for him.  But seriously soaking himself in his car seat, leaving a puddle behind- soaking my whole shirt sleeve, leaving a puddle on the floor and counter top....  Poor baby and poor mommy.  I was scared the poor fella had the flu.  Luckily, he never ran a fever and didn't have any more incidents.  But seriously a stressful situation.  Thankfully, we made it home in one piece with only a few tears, and we put off his shots a couple days to make sure he was good and healthy.

Never a dull moment.  Sometimes I wish they were a little more dull, haha.

Hayden. 6 months. 16 lbs 1.5 oz and 26.5 in long

We started baby food with Hayden this past month, and it was pretty slow going at first.  I remember James just attacking his food and there was no looking back.  Hayden seemed interested but had trouble learning that swallowing motion.  The incident at his dr. appt may have been precipitated by a rice cereal lunch.  That was my only guess- even though it doesn't sound like a good one.  But, this last week we made a breakthough.  Temperature.  I wasn't very successful with the rice cereal even though it was warm- wasn't very successful with apples which were only luke warm- BUT was very successful with sweet potatoes and winter squash hot/warm.  Like a switch flipped.  He attacked and there's no looking back.  He's eating 2 servings a day, and I'm hoping maybe will be sleeping a bit better at night... :-)

Hayden & rice cereal.  "I'm not so sure about this stuff..."

"my fingers do taste pretty good though....."

January 11, 2012

and just for fun...

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