Sunday, February 5, 2012

Birthday Caboose.

We had James' 2nd Birthday Party at the NC Transportation Museum on the Birthday Caboose.  It was an adventure, haha.  The weather was not our friend that day, but we had a GREAT time.  We got the blue birthday caboose and had two train rides which James absolutely loved.

 I should say that James was almost un-photographable because he was too busy looking out the window- climbing up in the copula, climbing down, non stop.  He had attention for cake and Thomas. haha.  We certainly had one happy little boy.

This boy had him a darn good time.

The caboose was pretty bare, but we had plenty of balloons and James' Mimi made him Thomas the Train pennants that hung throughout the caboose and up in the cupola.   It was a good time had by all, albeit a little on the cold, rainy side to the day.  Only one major hiccup: I forgot to bring forks for the cake! haha, but Uncle John came to the rescue and very quickly picked some up.  It didn't even slow the party down.  Way to go Uncle John.

Thanks for celebrating our little buddy James.  It wouldn't have been the same without you!

***update for those thinking of having your party here!  Important tip: there is no heat in the caboose, so keep that in mind!  It was very austere in the interior, so bring some color!  I bought my train conductor hats, red bandanas, & wooden train whistles from in one dozen packs which was a great deal!  Pennants & table covering made by Grandma. :-)

interior view of caboose
 My Favorite insta moments from the party!!

Mimi's beautiful pennants!


  1. Hi I came across your blog post while I was searching for information about the birthday caboose at the transportation museum :) We are thinking about doing this for our son's birthday and I was going to ask how many people you thought could fit and if you had any more pictures of the inside of the train? Sorry to bother you! Haha thank you.

    1. Hello Sarah! Saw your comment & wanted to tell you we had a great time. It was the beginning of February, so it.was.cold! There is no heat in the caboose, so keep that in mind! The inside is very gray. Not pretty by any means, but my boy didn't care. My mother-in-law made some pennants that we hung inside & also hung balloons, but they are strict about what you can put on the walls- I think we had to use scotch tape only(?). Maybe double check on that. We had 9 adults & 3 kids + 1 baby. It was comfortably full at that point, but maybe check on the capacity with the museum too- they had an employee ride with us as well. I'll see if I have a better pic & update the post! Thanks for reading!

    2. Sarah, new pics are up! Hope the interior view helps. :-) Happy birthday to your little guy! If you do want to use the caboose, sign up soon. Our boy's birthday is in Jan, but we did his party early Feb because they were booked until then. Book early when you decide. :-) oh, and the t-shirt they give the birthday child is so cute, it STILL fits my boy who will be 4 in one week!! best of luck!