Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday lunch & a snow day.

We are a family who loves a good drive.  Just something wonderfully peaceful about the open road on a beautiful day, a hot cup of coffee, and your little guys looking out the window.  Not to mention during the winter months being able to get out an enjoy the beauty of winter with a heated seat. yes. :-)

For fun, we love driving up to Boone, NC.  It's an awesome little town with the fun, university scene that lends it to some quirky shopping nestled in the beauty of the Blue Ridge Parkway, awesome local skiing, great hikes like Grandfather Mountain (which is still on my 'want-to' list), and some sweet eats.

Some of our FAVS:
1. Woodlands BBQ- which was recommended to us by our sweet Swedes.  We are soo glad you told us about this one!! ps. they have live music which is just about the best thing besides the mason-jar-sweet-tea :-) It's hard to pass this one up to choose any other other favorite.  You could say its more favorite.
2. (Al) Capone's Untouchable Pizza- ran into one of my old students in this little place.  Their calzones are sooo good- they even let us all ahead and had our food waiting on us when we walked in. after our sledding. yes.
3. Dan'l Boone Inn- We drove up for Sunday lunch here.  They serve family style fried chicken, country fried steak, mashed potatoes, stewed apples, green beans, sweet corn, ham biscuits, and gosh a ton of food.  Love that it comes with dessert: chocolate cake pleeeease. :-)  I think you can tell it was a hit with our little family.

How do I have two little boys who are soo goofy?? :-)  Love the big, open mouth smiles.  Can they be genetic? haha.

Sooo we were worried that we would spend a whole winter without any 'snow days'.  Our winter has been unusually mild, and we decided that we would have to go find us some snow to play in.  We picked up a sled along the way, and took our boys up to find a sledding hill.  Found the perfect one and spend a whole 15 minutes sledding. :-)  The 18 degree weather was a little on the cold side for our little buddies.  haha, but as much as James seemed to dislike the cold, you couldn't keep him from trying to go up the hill again and again.  He even tried to play in the snow- pick it up in his hands and it was just soo sweet.  So glad we were storm chasers that day- haha.

Gotta get ready...

The innocent bystanders.

Perfect hill.



Can we go again???

Happy snow day. :-)  Enjoying the moments in life- not necessarily about 'seizing the day' but more about being thankful & grateful for our little glimpses of heaven.  In the midst of anything, accepting the simple blessings that our good God gives and saying 'thank you'.

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