Monday, September 12, 2011

Walter Hayden Smith

Our precious Hayden was named for my great-grandfather Walter Hayden Smith, my mother's mother's father.  I have been fortunate enough that my Aunt Cindy has some pictures of him that she could pass to me for my Hayden to know see who he was named after.

Just to pass on from my Aunt Cindy- My Mom and her siblings called him Grandpa Haydie.

Haydie was a photographer, and he had a dark room in the basement of his house.  If you look closely at the picture in file labeled "1', you will see that the number of heads does not match the number of feet!  Haydie added himself to the picture in his darkroom, since he was the photographer and was actually behind the camera when the picture was snapped.  This does not see to be a big deal in the age of digital pictures and Photoshop.  However, as you can see by the date on the back of the picture ("2"), it was taken in 1951, and displayed his skills. 

how cool is that???

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  1. I LOVE looking at old family photos, even if they aren't my family! As a photographer by hobby, I am amazed at what they could do back then!