Friday, September 23, 2011

life with a dirty kitchen.

ah my life with a dirty kitchen.  I hate having a dirty kitchen- now, I'm thrilled to have someone else clean it for me, but in general, I can't stand to 'leave it till morning' or more recently 'leave it till I have my hands free' which just isn't happening.

you may be thinking- get off the computer and go clean your kitchen then! haha.  I wish.  (no, really I wish it was just clean already.  I wish the whole house was!)  I am doing what I've been doing all day.  trying to get my baby to go to sleep. ! .  I'm typing this out one sentence at a time.

It took me 45 min to write this.

why do I have a dirty kitchen??  Because I get to have these.

Lord help me to be thankful for these days when I'm a mess and so is my house.  Help me be grateful for the opportunity to sacrifice myself for them and their needs over mine.  Lord give me the courage to not crumble under the expectations I hold for myself, but to give myself grace as you give me courage to overcome each challenge.  Lord help me be a good mom- help me to find a balance for my home.  and please Lord, help me get my kitchen clean. :-) Amen.

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