Sunday, September 11, 2011

Time to play!!

Boy did we have fun just hangin' out and playing with the kiddos.  Our sweet nieces are wonderful and funny and clever and just so darn pretty.  They are too much fun and James is just starting to really enjoy hanging out with them.

Just gotta keep him from squishing their sand castles. haha.  They loved building them and James loved knocking them down...  Thankfully, Uncle Matt was able to save Corrie's from the J-monster. :-)

Grammy of course was in baby heaven.  She only had to share a little bit... :-)

 Hayden got to meet his Uncle Josh and Aunt Darcy.  Special props and thanks to Aunt Darcy who was able to get James to fall asleep so that the girls and he could share a room.  Way to go baby whisperer!!  First sleepover: mostly successful! haha

Yes, Hayden has zebra socks on.  compliments of Gram!!

Corn Hole... Lawn chairs... Guitar... Sandbox... Coffee... Baby... Family.

my little sweaty McGee...

Uncle Paul, can I play??

Playing is hard work.  Gotta take a break.  Rehydrate!!  My buddy has so many curls when he gets sweaty.  such a cutie.

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