Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tampa Tampa. Good 'ole FL.

We had a big adventure last weekend.  Matt, James, Hayden and I all flew together!  We headed down for Mr. Jim's first Sunday at his new church, First Baptist Elfers.  It was kinda nice to recognize some faces at a new place- Elfers used to send their youth on the same ski trips as Keystone- I know I continue to be more and more thankful for familiar faces!!

Most exciting (sorry Mr. Jim!! you are very exciting as well :-) for me was getting to see our sweet nephew Jack!!  He is smack dab in the middle between James and Hayden, actually just barely closer to Hayden's age than James- how crazy is that??

Check out these cute Prose boys.  (silly me remembered EVERYTHING except the camera. of course!! so this is the only picture I have!)

Jack 8.5 months, James 20 months, Hayden 7.5 weeks.  (James is 11 months older than Jack who is 7 months older than Hayden)

We had so much fun together.  We visited the Florida Aquarium which I will say was the coolest aquarium I've ever been to!  They have this wetlands exhibit where the water is all behind plexiglass so you can see under the water as well as above it.  You're thinking, big deal right?? Guess again.  As cool as that was where you could see the alligators above as well as below, it was even cooler when the plexiglass stopped at the water line in the exhibits with the birds!!  I was almost lighted on by some pink water fowl!!  I've never laughed so hard.  The birds were so tame, it was amazing.  It was like being out in the swamp with an up close and personal view with no snakes!  My perfect scenario, haha.  Thanks to Mimi and Grandpa for taking us- such a memorable outing!

I took this one with my phone.

You thought I was joking?? haha

We had a blast.  We also got to take the boys to Weeki Watchee Springs to see the mermaids.  Yes, I said mermaids.  They have a natural spring there where the water is crystal clear- it's beautiful.  So, they built this underwater 'stage' with an air hose system so the performers can be 'mermaids' and stay under the whole show!  Yes, yes.  We saw their version of 'The Little Mermaid' as only 'mermaids' could bring it. haha.  James loved the sea turtle character best (vs. the crab in the movie version)!  Thanks Nana for taking the boys.  :-)

Of course Sunday was a real pleasure to be able to attend the service and the welcome lunch for Mr. Jim and Mrs. Teresa, and we were to blessed to be a part.  Looking forward to more trips to Tampa in our future. :-)

We also got a chance to have a little family 'sprinkle' for Hayden.  Mrs. Teresa got his a Baby Einstein themed cake and big colorful caterpillar.  haha!  The boys all wore their Weeki Watchee t-shirts and we played in the pool.  James is getting to be such a good swimmer- I had the BEST time taking him swimming in the pool.  I felt like I was teaching swimming lessons all over again.  :-) So proud of him.

Hayden got some sweet handmade gifts from his 'uncle' A and 'aunt' Nikki- loved the onsie and the matching bow ties for James and Hayden!!  To cute!  Of course Mimi spoiled little Hayden with some super cute toys, but my fav was the See Kai Run's withe the flames on the side!!  You are such a stud Hayden Prose. :-)  Thanks everybody for helping us welcome Hayden and celebrate his arrival.  It meant so much.

Also, Aunt Natassja passed down a matching outfit for Hayden with a polo they gave James for Christmas- can't wait to take some more pics of my boys in matching clothes!!  Thanks so much Natassja. :-)

yeah yeah yeah.  A weekend of mostly Prose(es). haha. couldn't help myself.

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