Sunday, September 11, 2011

Can't help myself... too many pictures.

 Can't get my family together without breaking out the laptops.  It's almost laughable sometimes.  We all sit together with our laptops out enjoying being in each others' company without necessarily talking.  We were much better on this occasion.  We all gathered around one computer to watch Paul's entire family play a piece of I think Star Wars, including his grandmother in her 80s!  They were all required to play their 'middle school' instrument.  hilarious.  anyways,  we didn't do too much 'separate but together' computer time. :-)

Ah, my Mom and my goofy sisters.

"...and she threw her head back and laughed."  I'm glad we have photo evidence of this because this is how I picture my Mom. :-)

Wish I could remember what we were laughing at.  Did I mention that our family loves to laugh?? We are loud, boisterous, and unabashed.  It can be deafening, and I'm glad my husband, sis-in-law, and bros-in-law all put up with us. :-)

Too sweet.  Precious girls with their Papa.  Check out those little smiles.  Love it!

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