Monday, September 20, 2010

James' best friend

This past week has flown by: James turned 8 months old, the weather is changing, I got to have such wonderful time with dear friends, and now its Monday again.  Sometimes the clock moves so slowly, and then I blink and its been a week.

James loves our dog Roosevelt, who we call 'Roo.'  Roo is a 4 year old Westie, and we love him most days.  Some days he is less loved (just being honest) when he has episodes like he did this last week.  Our dog needed a round of steroid, said our vet, to help his skin inflammation clear.  Long story short, no one told us that steroids make you pee like crazy, how hard would that have been?? "Oh, Mrs. Prose, by the way, your dog will pee like there's no tomorrow.  Have a great day."  Instead, we found this out on our own with 3 highly traumatic events that lead to my frenzied phone call to the vet.

Anyway, Roo has fallen back into good graces since these incidents are technically beyond his control, and all it takes is him walking into the room and James laughs like crazy.

I've given up on trying to keep James out of the dog kennel.  The goal now is keep the dog toys out of his mouth, and I'm succeeding most of the time. haha

James: Wow, this place is awesome!
Roo: Hey, that's mine!

James: Here I come!!
Roo: excuse me, I'll just grab this ball

James: Don't worry Roo, I've got the ball!!
Roo: yeah, you get it; I'll just lay here.

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