Thursday, September 2, 2010

last minute hike

Matt and I decided to take a last minute hike on Monday evening to South Mountain, NC.  We actually hadn't been back to hike it since I was preggo with James (20 weeks I think) and we hiked to the falls then.  Monday, we decided to take a different hike, and didn't quite realize how far and how long it would be.  James did great though for reaching the top about 7pm when he normally is winding down for bed, and we  still had to hike back down!  Poor fella, what a life. :-)

My handsome boys. :-) I'm not gonna lie, if the Lord chooses to give us more children, I'd really love a girl.  But, honestly I'm LOVIN my boys.  I could totally have more boys.

James really loves being outside, and since his life is mostly putting things in his mouth in any and every environment, it makes it hard.  Mommy just can't quite let go enough for him to eat nature.  Call me crazy.  I figure, when he gets a little older and not so apt to put things in his mouth, then we'll really be able to play outside.

When Matt and I worked at Crossroads Worldwide (ministries with Clayton King, Matt Orth, its awesome), they had a hiking activity that went to South Mountain, and I was SURE that there was an overlook that was pretty open where we could sit and enjoy it for a few minutes.  Unfortunately, we were not on the right path again. haha, we'll just have to go back and keep hiking the trails to find it.  I swear it's there.  Anybody know what I'm talking about??

You can obviously tell we weren't where I was describing as you look below.  It was still a beautiful view!

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