Saturday, September 11, 2010

hanging out in Greenville

James and I got to go hang out in Greenville while Matt was working last week, and we had such a fun day.  We got in town and got to meet up with one of my girlfriends from my high school cheerleading squad.  I've been keeping up with Kelli's blog For This Child I Prayed, so I felt like I already knew Lael her beautiful daughter, even though we'd never met.  She was just as adorable in person as she looks in her pictures (Kelli takes some really nice pics).  Beautiful girls!

James and Lael played at Kelli's until we headed in town for lunch at Bellacinos.  Oh my, I didn't even know I'd missed it this much! haha, the barbeque grinder and I go way back.  The babies were too cute sitting up in their high chairs across the table from each other.  It really makes me wonder if their baby talk back and forth was some kind of inside conversation.  At least Kelli and I were very entertained. :-)

We got to try out a little coffee shop / ice cream parlor called Spill the Beans right by the Reedy River waterfall park downtown.  James and Lael played on the ground outside while we had a little coffee treat, and I must say that Kelli has helped me introduce James to the world of dirt.  I've been pretty reluctant to let him play in the dirt so far, but I knew the day was coming for me to just let go and give him a chance to play.  Now Lael was wearing her beautiful little smocked dress and white (yes white) monogramed bloomers, and she was playing in the dirt.  So, I had to let James.  Come on, what could I say to that??

Look at this face, what a cutie!!

James chased this little ball which held secret puffs snacks around the patio.  He is really moving these days.  I hardly got any pictures of his face; they were all of his little bum in the air, haha.

We got to catch up with my old roommate from Clemson, Monica at the Haywood Mall, and boy nothing beats seeing a good friend for the first time in a long time.  Monica, you're awesome!!  Thanks for hanging out with us so last minute. :-)

We got to go out to dinner with Matt at Tako Sushi in downtown and sit outside in the beautiful weather.  Love me some sushi, and we don't have a good place in Hickory to get it.  Our little fella enjoying the night.

Thanks Greenville.  We'll be seeing you soon.

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