Thursday, May 1, 2014

WOW! Calvin is ONE!

We threw a sweet & simple 1st birthday party for my Calvin Dean, we called it 'WOW! Calvin is ONE!" because of his first real word, 'wow wow wow'.  It was fun for me to just make lots of pretty decorations, have beautiful flowers, serve yummy cake & cupcakes, make a new lemonade punch, and of course have balloons!  My boys all love balloons, they just can't help themselves.

 I decided to make Calvin's 'one' t-shirt with the word since both his brothers had t-shirts with the number 1.  I thought it turned out super cute & loved the fabric combination that I found.  I used to to make the table runner as well as the pennants for his high chair.  I felt kinda crafty.

I am so glad we got a few pictures with our little guy.  I filled up my iphone's memory (!!) during the party, so I regrettably didn't get a picture of the grandparents with Calvin.  It's on my to-do list for images to get in the future.  ;-)

 Calvin had one little friend who was able to make it to the party, Truitt, who is only 2 months older.  They were so sweet together, and even tried to play peek-a-boo between themselves! adorable & so glad to have a buddy who lives just around the corner!

 We played pin the tail on the elephant, because Calvin's favorite lovie is an elephant we call, elephante.  It was pretty cute to play with the older brothers, and I didn't expect Calvin to really play the game.  But he did great!!  His was actually in 2nd place, haha!  (we didn't blind fold him or spin him around though)

Calvin LOVED his birthday cake.  We had to cut him off because he ate so much of it, so quickly!  and boy was he mad at us for taking it away.  haha, it was fun to watch him dig in.

 My favorite decoration, the picture wall.  I made the paper pinwheels & the polka dot garland from coordinating scrapbook paper.  I made the top row his month-by-month shots, and the bottom row was pictures of all three of the boys together from the past year.  It was so much fun to look through & see how he changed, but also how they all changed!  loved how this turned out.

My.Three.Sons.  Happy birthday to my littlest 'one'!!  ;-)  Love you sweet Calvin- what fun it was to celebrate your birthday!


  1. So sweet! Looked like a great party! Sad to miss it, but we'll be at your next one Calvin! With another cousin in tow! :)

    1. oh you were missed!! But we are all pretty excited for that new little cousin! :-) So lovely to be closer - love y'all!