Thursday, May 1, 2014


Happy 1st Birthday Calvin Dean!! 

This smiley-baby just turned ONE!  I am amazed how the time has flown by & know that it only gets faster from here!  I remember from my older boys, that after they started walking, I had a hard time keeping up with them, not only physically, but emotionally that connection starts to change already.

Calvin, as an 11.month.old. you learned to wave bye-bye, which is adorable.  Your first word past 'mommom' & 'dada' was 'wow wow'!  You daddy & I have enjoyed that so much.  Our favorite games with you are peek-a-boo, which makes you laugh&laugh!  My other favorite is when you're in your high chair & your tilt your head to the side, and then we do, and then you do.  Our little monkey-see, monkey-do game!  Your daddy said your little personality has just BLOOMED over this past month.  You bring us so much joy.  You are sleeping well, all night & napping twice a day for around 2 hrs a piece.

I am so proud of this!

Calvin has started his assisted-walking, cruising stage.  He has started holding our hands and walking around more, which is great to keep his little hands out of the dirt or sand, and off of the driveway!  I love seeing his confidence grow and his strength.  It won't be long till he's taking his first steps!

I love doing bath & bed time with my sweet fella, but now that he's one, I get to share that time with his Daddy too!  We celebrated his birthday with weaning his as well, so although that's bittersweet for mommy, it is something to celebrate & Daddy is pretty excited to have his own time with this guy now too.

We got to celebrate Easter together for the first time, as our last 'first' holiday that Calvin will have!  It was a fun thing to look back at the pics from last year where I was so big&pregnant.  Now we have all 3!  Definitely a special day for so many reasons.

 Calvin broke through his last 2 bottom teeth this past month, so he his the 12 month mark with a total of 8, just like big bro Hayden.  He only had 6 until just under a week before his birthday!  It was fun to see him hit that milestone just in the knick of time.

Our birthday gift to Calvin this year was this 'cozy truck' for him to ride around the driveway with his big brothers.  We all just love it - it was a big hit.  We also gave him 'Happy Birthday Pookie' which we made a special trip out to the store for after his nap.  On the day of his party, we bought the new Rain for Roots CD, Kingdom of Heaven, which is just a lovely, folksy album of Bible stories for kids.  Two thumbs up!!  What fun, sweet gifts that were easy to choose, and a pleasure to give.  What a fun time the boys have had pushing Calvin around in his new truck!

We took our buddy in on his birthday for his well check.  Calvin Dean was 23 lbs 4 oz & 31.5 inches long at his 12 month check up.  Happy, healthy baby boy!

We love taking all our little guys to the playground, but this particular day, Calvin just laughed constantly, the entire time he was swinging!  His hair is getting so long, and it just about time for his 1st haircut!  I just loved spending these moments with him & hopefully locking in these memories of what sweet days his baby days are.

 For your birthday little buddy, we baked you a cake & sang.  Your party pictures are up next...  We have never been more challenged, and have never been happier than we are as a family of 5.

Happy day today, tomorrow & for many years to come!

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