Monday, May 5, 2014

Baby gear: Carrier Reviews!

As we move into my 3rd babe's 2nd year, I'm now sorting through baby gear & deciding what to save, what I would want to pass on to friends, and what isn't worth saving!

I am kind of amazed how many 'baby carriers' we ended up with after 3 babies.  Slings, wraps, carriers, I've tried a few.  So here are my reviews...

1. Hotsling - This was one of the first products I used with my 1st baby.  It was passed down to me from a friend, who said it was sized too small in her opinion.  It fit me well, but I did not like using it with an infant.  It was a favorite of mine after the boys were able to sit up & carry in the 'hip carry' position & I used it when flying because it packed so light!  Light weight fabric, nice material & design, but not a super versatile product & not what I used everyday. Would pass on to a friend! Check it out here.

2. Chicco Baby Carrier - We purchased this off our registry for our 1st baby, and it is one of the few products that I would NOT recommend.  It was difficult to get the baby in&out of.  It featured a criss-cross back strap which was very uncomfortable for my back.  It was ok when carrying a small baby, but by far not a favorite.  We thought it would be a comparable product to the baby bjorn, which I have not tried, so I cannot tell you if it's similar.  Used very rarely.  Will send it to Goodwill.  Check it out here.

3. Seven Sling - I purchased (paid shipping but not for the item!) this before my 2nd was born, thinking it would be similar to the Hotsling. It was not.  It was sized too small, and the fabric wasn't as stretchy or nice.  It definitely wasn't what I would recommend to a friend.  Didn't use at all.  Will send to Goodwill.  Check it out here.

4. Happy Wrap - We purchased this product for our 3rd baby so I could have my hands free, but it features a lighter weight fabric compared to the Moby wrap.  I would recommended this product to friends after using it often with my 3rd baby.  The fabric was lovely & light weight, and it was not terribly complicated to wear.  However, my baby was too big to continue using it by about 15 lbs, and as much as I loved it, it was not a product that I was able to use long term.  Happy to share it with family, because it was a really lovely product, and not overly complicated to wear ((albeit not simple!)) Check it out here.

5. Ergobaby - I borrowed this product form a neighbor, after I couldn't use my happy wrap anymore for my 3rd baby.  I loved it.  I returned it & immediately found one to purchase.  This is by far the most expensive baby carrier, but I was able to find one used.  It is so comfortable, I could wear my baby who was around 22 lbs all day at Disney.  This product is not small for traveling, and not a light weight fabric.  But I use it all.the.time.  I probably will continue to until my baby starts walking more.  You can carry your child on your back as well, which is kinda cool.  Will be saving this one for a while.  Check it out here.

6. Deuter Hiking Backpack - We were given this hiking pack by my brother & his wife, and it is an awesome product.  We took our 1st as a toddler in this pack & our 2nd as a baby.  Very comfortable for the baby & the wearer.  A very specific piece of equipment though.  We no longer live where we go hiking often, but I would go with this pack.  Recommend for anyone who wants to hike with a baby or toddler.  Will save until all our kiddos outgrow, just in case we get a chance to hike!  Loved it.  Check it out here.

Thanks for reading! and happy baby carrier shopping...  Feel free to ask me if you have questions about any of these products. ;-)

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