Sunday, March 2, 2014

February in Review...

Oh wow February, you've come & gone already...

hangin' out with our neighbors
We got to take the boys to ride the carousel in St. Augustine.  One of our favorite things to do with them on the perfect afternoon for taking a drive.  These 2 pictures of Hayden & James - I just adore them.  Hayden really has Daddy's smile & is looking more&more like him everyday, but with Mommy's eyes.  James looks so much like a boy & I can picture seeing this big smile as he grows up.  Ah, so much joy mixed saying goodbye to the 'baby phase' of their lives.

Little Hayden looking like Daddy, but still very much like a toddler!

Check out this smile.
 Yes, monster truck mania has swept our house since James' 4th birthday party.  He got so many as gifts that we have quite the collection!!  Hayden loves the monster trucks too & we even got to go see the Ice Cream Man truck in person when Monster Jam was in town.  Daddy & James were able to go see Monster Jam live, but the rest of us stayed home.  It was quite the adventure from what I heard!! ;-)

Hayden next to the monster truck tire!

designed & constructed by James, all by himself!!
 Hayden has been coming up with the most interesting 'play time scenes' lately.  He is so young to be creating characters, switching roles, making his characters interact, and role playing.  It takes me by surprise!  This one he's wearing James' loafers & saying he's going to work with Daddy (who also wears loafers to work).  He's definitely one to watch.

Family selfie at the carrousel after a weekend of stomach bug, yuck!!

James pushing Calvin in the swing.  1st time.  He really wanted to swing him fast, but mommy kept a hand in.  Calvin sure did love it.  He had the best time!!

I was able to watch the IF:Gathering online & what a refreshing time.  We were all sick & really home bound for days.  It was just want I needed to sustain me & encourage me.  I am so grateful for times of encouragement & love being stirred up in my spirit by the topics.  I hope to keep an eye out for more opportunities in the future!

My sweetheart found the coolest Valentines' present for me this year - an antique pew bench for our front hall!!  I just love it & it is really fitting in nicely.  I finally feel like our entrance to our home is just about complete, yay!

Craigslist blessing.  Antique pew bench from outside Savannah, GA.  Over 100 years old! and hand made.

Captured this one of my two big guys getting picked up from preschool.  Big bro hanging onto little bro's backpack & just.joyful.  I adore having the chance to pick them up from school just for this welcome.

James put together his own Valentines this year!!  He was able to put the suckers into the cards all by himself.  Maybe next year he will even be able to sign his name!

We had the best surprise!!  A visit from our dear friends, the Webbs.  James & Anna Kate were born just over a week apart, and we were able to become friends just a couple months before they arrived!  Hickory, NC feels like a long time ago, but our friendship is so fresh & picks up like no time has past.  I thank God for friends who make me feel that way!

getting soo BIG!  It kinda blows my mind.

Our littles.  10 months & 18 months.


Middle man Hayden.

parting is such sweet sorrow!
 OH.MY.  We were able to celebrate the newest addition to the (extended) Prose family at a gender reveal party for Mike & Natassja!!  We had the best time helping set up the decorations & day dreaming about whether their new little one was a boy or girl.  Babies are just one of the sweetest things in life.

Natassja was absolutely glowing!!  Such a beautiful momma-to-be!
 I had a hard time choosing a guess about whether baby Prose was a boy or girl.  But in the end, I had to go with boy - boys are just so awesome.  How could I hope for anything else!??  The secret is out... BABY PROSE IS A BOY!! yay yay we are so excited!  I am thrilled to have a new nephew!! :-D

Matt & I were able to sneek away after all the kiddos went to bed at Grandpa & Grandma's house, with them there as the baby sitters.  We so rarely go out alone - it was such a lovely treat!  Happy Valentines' Day my love, cheers to 10 years of being my valentine.

We are so happy to spend Sunday mornings at Grandpa's church & having a picnic lunches before we headed home.  We are so lucky to get to stop in at Grammy & Papa's for dinner on the way!  Yay for Florida & being close to our parents.

 We don't usually get to all climb in bed together in the mornings, but it seems like lately that has been the trend!  I love to have a few extra minutes to snuggle & be close.  Our bed & our hearts are full!

Hayden, the most reluctant to be photographed!!  Poor middle little.  ;-)
What a lovely February!!

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