Friday, March 28, 2014


Ah, happy 11 months old little fella!  I am so blessed by you.  You are so easy to love & it makes me stop, and think about how to love others with the same ease.  Your eyes are full of light & life, and when you smile I can't help but smile too.  You're adorable.  Your first word this month was "WOW WOW" which just fits your personality- my little observer.  My favorite thing is the little dance you do with your head when you have your hands full of yummy things to eat, kind of bobbing it back and forth.  And the little humming you do when your paci is in your mouth "hhmmmhhhmmm".  You just learned to wave & even started to open & close your hands today.  We've had to start being very careful with your access to the stairs since you can climb them now(!).  You keep me on my toes sweet baby, and your brothers fight over who gets to play with you first.

My little passenger out with mommy for an 8 mile run!  What a good sport

becoming so adventurous!

"don't worry Charlotte, I got you"

"I think they're on to us"

This baby & his toes

matchy-matchy popsicle date with my little buddy


"hi mom!" & up on his toes!
My sweet fella is now 22 lbs & 10 oz.  Getting bigger everyday, but still such a snuggly baby.  Actually just starting to wean him & he may be my toughest so far!!  This boy is the only so far to crawl after me almost any time I walk away.  He's also our only real snuggle buddy.  He will initiate his own snuggles when he's sleepy!!  Mommy & Daddy both love his little head dropped into our lap or on our chest.  And this guy is still attached to his elephant & paci - and we are so grateful!  Sleep is still a bit elusive sometimes, and we get some social calls in the middle of the night occasionally.

Oh Calvin Dean, you make my heart swell.

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