Tuesday, April 8, 2014

March in Review...

March... You've not been too much of a lion, but absolutely rolling out like a lamb.  In fact, you're gone & I'm just now realizing it.

read this & really, it.is.great.
This March, we had a simple month.  We laid on the floor & had lollipops on a Tuesday...

James became a lego-building-machine finding inspiration from his lego book & making up his own designs.  I was kinda impressed.

We spent the night at Grammy&Papa's.  Which is always fun.

Our big adventure of March was taking our boys to Disney for a day.  Calvin had never been, so it was a special trip for all of us.  Lucky us & FL resident passes!!

My favorite moments:  It's a tie between how excited our boys were to meet Woody & Jessie...

and how amazing Hayden looked cover in his Mickey Mouse ice cream while watching the big parade.

Needless to say, it was special because we enjoyed the time we spent together.  Crowds & chaos & craziness, but we were able to just savor it.

I personally LOVE Winnie the Pooh.

We waited in line to see the princess from Brave, and James was asked too many times if he was her little brother.  He didn't even say hello, but Hayden did.

Getting to shoot the bow & arrow made up for not caring about meeting the princess, haha.

Calvin on Prince Charming's Carrousel.

Good bye Disney, see you soon!

Back to normal, simple, blanket-popsicle-picnics in our driveway.

Lego building in the early morning.

Hayden looking so grown up - King of the mountain.  ((ps.  we ran the Gate, and then the next weekend laid new sod in our yard.  March was a month of home improvement, for sure!!  The beautiful sod is pictured behind sir hayden, who is standing on only one of our stacks of pavers excavated from our yard))

Calvin's hair getting lighter at the root.  His driveway playtime is a bit confined since he's not walking.  A challenge to let him play without eating & becoming covered in dirt.

The cozy coupe - also a rolling play pen.

Our boys.  Measuring their height.  The simple in life feels so sweet in hindsight.  Thank you Lord for the simple gifts.  Thank you for the special times, the times of labor & toil, the times of chaos & the times of peace.

Out like a lamb...

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