Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Our little family.of.five has has our share of adventures this past 6 weeks or so that I haven't blogged.  My handsome hunter hubs got a chance to go for a week hunting the big game, & our little fellas were really good for their momma.  (if by good I think they all woke up every night at least one time, then yes, good).  I was really proud of our moments like below when we managed to keep our life in order, get our baths & brush out teeth before being in bed on time.  And then there were all those moments when I was just worn-slap-out & ended up with mastitis at the end of that week.  Yes, nursing with a toddler & preschooler means exhaustion comes at a quicker pace than before.

my sweet little fellas
These boys warm my heart.  This has the current spot on my phone as the lock screen.  Our little guys were so excited to see their daddy & I think he was even more so to see them.  We.are.blessed.

I love the handmade bow ties my Aunt Linda made.  Gotta love it.

typical playtime with all the bros
getting excited about my middle little guy in his undies!!
I laugh every time I realize that the 'normalcy' of my life changes quickly.  It was the same with James & Hayden.  As soon as we felt things settle, all of life was upended again by a holiday or an ear infection or a home project.  These days all of those things happen at once.  haha!  It can be a struggle to not feel overcome by the unmet, undone, unfinished things that swirl around my head in my day.  It can be a struggle to find peace in my own mind, heart, and voice as I seek to serve my family in LOVE.  To give to them out of joy & to be a cheerful giver.  boy that has been hard in these past 6 weeks.  Who feels love from gifts given our of duty? or grouchy begrudging?

my handsome boys

one BIG project for our old house
always fun to go see Shamu at Sea World

our 3 together for some snuggles

James having an iPad date with sweet Emily

I mean seriously?? I cried I laughed so hard.
Oh our family adventures.  I love it.  I have moments where I just wish it could all be easier.  but when I really consider, would I change a thing?  nope.  My God is good, and I am loved.  I am blessed beyond measure.  Our adventures these days are small, but my God is big.  Life in the small is sweet, but it has to be noticed.  it has to be recognized as gift.

even here, in pjs & undies & onsies.  gift.

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