Tuesday, December 10, 2013


This sweet, quiet, precious baby boy had a very eventful 7th month!  He really got better at sitting up my himself.  He's still just the best little snuggler in the world & he has been working on his crawling skills.  He has started to really like his baby food & he got his first two teeth!!

working on the tri pod move - at 6 months

starting his baby foods!  This guy warmed up pretty quickly to the idea

getting his tummy up off the floor!!

first tooth! November 2, 2013 - just over 6 months, my earliest teether!

tooth #2!! November 7, 2013

figuring out the puffs & its an messy adventure

taking some sippy sips

sitting up & going hands free all by himself

my sweet little fellas in hand made bow ties & clothes by my Aunt Linda

Happy 7 months little Calvin!!  Picture taken by your big bro James

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