Wednesday, February 20, 2013

my valentines.

This year we didn't get to spend valentines day all together, so we had the fun of dragging it out over a few days.  The boys & mommy made some special cards for Daddy to take with him while he traveled, and he left some special treats for us to enjoy for Valentines'.  such a good Daddy.  ;-)

I love tiny hands.

My little valentines.  yes sir.

Mommy got to take the boys on a Krispy Kreme field trip for Valentines day.  They are an easy crowd & loved watching the heart shaped donuts get fried & iced.  hot now - yuuum.  Daddy left them monster trucks which they played with & napped with & fought over all day.  James was so excited- "my Dad got this for me" - when did we become 'Mom' & 'Dad'??

 "Don't ever make us leave"

Daddy also left us cookies to bake since he knows his little helpers would pretty much love this activity & its rewards.  haha, he was so right.  James was only disappointed that he wasn't allowed to eat them ALL.  "aw Mom!"

Needless to say, not a romantic day, but a day filled with expressions of love felt & held tight.  and that is enough to make my heart full.

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