Saturday, February 9, 2013

family date.

I told my sweet hubs, after this 'family date' to St. Augustine to my favorite place for a shrimp po'boy & basking in the beautiful sunshine, that as much as I love going out on dates with just him,

And he is sweet enough to take us (very much as the go&do personality while I'm more of the homebody)

James - 3 years & Hayden - 18 months.

Couldn't help myself: this was them on our first trip back to St. Aug after we moved back down to FL.  Oct. 2012.  James - 2.5 years & Hayden - 15 months.  wow, amazing how fast they change.

 Family date: fire pit edition.  We haven't had a fire in the backyard in years (literally) and I'm not sure who was more excited, the boys or daddy.  ;-)  and yes, s'mores were made and consumed with great gusto by James - Hayden wasn't a fan (!!?!?).  I'm sure he'll grow into it (he is my son, haha)

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