Saturday, February 9, 2013

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

My little guys have been pretty patient with their slow-movin'-momma lately.  I seem to be hitting the part of this pregnancy (hello 3rd trimester!!) where I am slowing down on the chores that can be accomplished/the errands that can be run/the activity that can be enjoyed.  But I tell you what, it's been nice.  We've let the dishes sit in the kitchen so that we can take a little bike ride down the street with a snack of goldfish along for the ride.  We've all hung around in our pjs much.too.long.  We've all been working on the chores together & accomplishing what we can without giving up!

My hips have been giving me a tough time lately - I'm relatively confident it is related to sciatic nerve pain - but I'm hopeful that as our littlest guy settles into the normal head down position (which he's not yet) then it will ease up some.  A girl can hope that maybe it has some tie to the position of the baby.  ;-)

But, I think some days when we just set our mind to going to the park - even if we end up having to leave because of momma - that in doing it my boys surprise me.  For the first time, they didn't run in opposite directions, but played mostly together.  Hayden even held my hand without fighting.  We all calmly held hands and walked to the car with no fussing when it was time to go.  My precious little guys.

I'm also so grateful to have buddies in the neighborhood to have play dates with & share this stage of life where it is so easy to become relatively isolated.  Plus, aren't your friends toys always cooler than your own??  And I am as much energized by those times as I am worn out by them.  It is amazing to see the Lord's provision in my life so simply in some things.

Today's family date: picnic by the lake & post-nap-mini-hike.  Great way to enjoy each other, out of the house, in the neighborhood.  My amazing hubs even treated us all to dinner on the way home - which means mommy didn't have to cook or clean up.  BLESSED.  ;-)  And, we have some great plans on camping close by with the boys - Daddy & boys & fishing poles.  again, I'm amazed by simple grace.

I love seeing them enjoy.each.other.  James - 3 years & Hayden 18 months.

Check them out from last June 2012: James - 2 years & Hayden - 11 months.   (I love seeing them repeat some of these same scenes- )

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