Tuesday, February 26, 2013


After getting our 'big' boys all situated in their rooms- twin bed for James & toddler bed for Hayden- we have had the fun of playing with our new little guy's room.  I have to say that using the same nursery things for Hayden was fun, buying him something new just for him (hungry caterpillar for his birthday) worked out great, and now we have our sweet nursery things all ready and waiting for one more Prose baby boy.

Matt was my 'handy manny' setting up the crib & I had the fun of doing silly things like ironing the crib skirt & the ribbons for the bumper.  Seeing it all set up & having the rocker facing the view of the lake is the perfect spot to sit & day.dream.  and to soak in the big bros playing with all the baby toys & pretending to be babies themselves. haha.

I think we are all excited about having a new baby.  My sweet niece even asked me, "when is my baby cousin gonna get here??"

shadow silhouette - 28 weeks.

29 weeks.

30 weeks.

Trying my best to choose special items that I just LOVE to buy - since of course we don't actually need a whole lots of new things for boy #3.  His Aunt Natassja made him a special bow tie onsie & matching bow ties for his big bros - which will be so fun to see them all wear together!  I found a dark brown bunny that is the same as we bought for James&Hayden for Easter while Hayden was still in my belly. The boys got a big kick out of playing with all 3 bunnies together & hearing them talk about their baby brother is so precious.  I also have a handful of friends for whom I have been buying baby gifts- and I couldn't help myself with the Peter Rabbit outfit.  It was on sale at least... ;-)

Overall, I'm too tired to really feel nesting energy kicking in- but at least on the days when I don't nap with the boys in the afternoon (which is such a blessing in itself) I feel productive & have organized all the new baby clothes & planned where to hang pictures... and done some cleaning.  I was telling Matt, it seems so funny to think we have it so easy now: 2 boys who nap at the same time & go to bed by 7/7:30 and sleep 12 hours.  We so have it easy, haha.  and that's all about to change!  Good reminder of just how thankful I am for my absolutely undeserved, simple, blessed life.  Thank you God- You are so good.

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