Thursday, November 8, 2012


Somehow, James decided he wanted to be a shark for Halloween this year.  It may have been because of one of his bath toys, but whenever I would ask him, or suggest an alternative costume, he would say, "no, I be a shark."

well, ok then.  Mimi was given quite the challenge- or not!  I'm pretty sure these shark costumes will go down in 'costume hall of fame' for the Prose family.  The boys LOVED them, and we all had so much fun watching them run around.  The excitement&joy was precious to watch.

The little sharks debuted at our church's Fall Festival, where our group hosted the 'pumpkin bowling' booth.  big hit.

Me & my littlest shark.

This photo  I love it.

Shark Attack!!!

Little Hayden Shark -

happy. happy. happy.

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