Tuesday, November 6, 2012

gRowth sPurt!

Our little Hayden bug has been a growing machine his last two check-ups.  I couldn't believe it when at his 12 month check-up he was almost 24 lbs & measured around 29.5/30 in long.  Definitely explained why he felt heavy- at 9 months he wasn't even 19 pounds!!

I thought, well a height growth spurt will come next... and boy was I surprised.  He SHOT up apparently!  At his 15 month appt, he was almost 26 lbs (around 60% for weight) & measured 34 INCHES LONG.  what??  I thought it may have been generous, so I remeasured at home & got 33 and maybe a quarter, but 33 for sure.  He was over 100% at 34 in, and at over 33, he is just over 95% for height.  Way to grow little buddy!  I'm sure with all the walking you're doing, the growth spurts may quiet down for now (or you'll over take your big bro, haha!)

Love you little man.  Can't believe how BIG you are- blessing.

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