Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Oh BOY oh BOY! It's a BOY, it's a BOY!!

I feel like replaying that scene from Lady and the Tramp when the baby is born and the new daddy runs around the house yelling, "Oh boy, oh boy, It's a boy! It's a boy!!"  That is how we are feeling right about now. :-)

Check out my sweet little boy's face!!

Check out my sweet little boy's precious froggy legs! haha, I love that little behind!! :-)

I would post a pic of he little boy parts, BUT I'm gonna keep that one for our eyes only. haha, in some ways, I wouldn't ever post a picture of his little man parts after he is born, so none here now either!  BUT, little BUTTS are fine.

Little man, we can't wait to see that little face for ourselves soon enough.  And the big question everyone keeps asking is: Will you be a red-head too?? hahaha

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