Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sharing, playing- clever little boy

James is a clever little fellow.  Most of the time, he's playing now.  He loves picking things up, putting them back, and then putting them in a new place.  Great example: bath time. He picks up all his ducks and puts them back into the little pail we keep the ducks in. Then, its time to see how many ducks he can fit onto the soap shelf- the record so far: 2. It is so funny to watch him play!

Another great example: Roo's ball. He loves to play ball with Roo; he laughs now and will hand him the ball most of the time.  Every now and then, he'll accidently roll it away. But, I let him play in the den, and I watched him take all the balls he could find and put them on the couch- behind the pillows as far as he could get them.  Another acceptable place to hid the ball: the tv console table. Dang though, it keeps rolling off. :-)

Here's your ball Roo!!

Our boy is smart. Yes, biased, but also not blind. He's flipping his toys over and trying to stack them all together. My clever little engineer.  Its hard to remember to write the really sweet things down that he does these days.  Too many things go by and too little time is left over.  But, hopefully the Lord will grant me sweet memories that don't fade. too much. :-)

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