Tuesday, November 23, 2010

First Thanksgiving

James got to celebrate his first Thanksgiving this past weekend with Matt's family (not to mention that we celebrated my Dad's 50th birthday and Mike and Natassja Prose's baby shower for little baby Jack! We had a BIG weekend to put it mildly).

He got to wear his special shirt a little early.

But he DID NOT like his little pilgrim hat. My poor boy! Oh well, maybe his cousin Jack will wear it next year.

We had such a wonderful time seeing our family.  Isn't it funny how when you are so rushed to get out of the house that you want to pull out your own hair, you can't get everything you want to do done, you are so tired and worn out, BUT when you get around family you feel rested and refreshed at the end of it??  It does not add up, but I am so thankful for a family that makes me feel that way.  Almost like a vacation. ha. :-)

I can't wait to celebrate Thanksgiving all over again this week with my side of the family.  Round two, here we go!!

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