Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy 10 Months James

My boy is 10 months. 20.5 pounds. 29 inches long.  I'm actually getting excited about his first birthday and all of the holidays coming up.  I know the days are going to fly by over the next two months. Can I just freeze frame for a little while? At least I'm getting over my picture hiatus.

In other news... we gave James one of his Christmas presents early. We had been planning to give his a walker for Christmas, but it just seemed like he was ready to use it now, and we didn't want to make him wait.  Who am I kidding, we didn't want to wait. :-)

You know, just going for a little stroll...

Say cheese!!

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  1. I have been showing everybody I know this blog post to show off my friend's cutest baby ever=)! Drinking Dunkin Donuts coffee and thinking of you. Miss you guys tons! Teegan