Thursday, November 3, 2016


August. Wow, I am amazed that time has gone so fast!  With you came the start of the school year: 1st grade for James, Kindergarten for Hayden, and K-3 for Calvin.  I'm enjoying the start of school this year so much more than past years- the familiarity has brought with it the expectant nature of joy to come.  David turned 6 months old, and is just the greatest joy to our family.  What a lovely path memory lane can be!

David cut his first tooth on the eve of his 6 month mark!  Welcome little tooth- I know there are many more behind you!

David started sitting up at the table with us after our family vacation in July; he seemed ready.  It has felt like a familiar nostalgia to bring the high chair up to the table again, mess & all.  The beauty of the snapshot is not lost.

This happy baby is 6 months old!! Happy day David; we could just eat you up!  Your little superman moves & baby push-ups are the sweetest.  and all the drool... we don't mind. ;-)

Before school started back, we made a trip down to visit some of Matt's cousins visiting from out of state.  Our last trip of the summer!  Grandpa is wearing the vacation hat, and it suits him. ;-)  Mimi wanted the boys to make some green slime in honor of Hayden's Ninja Turtle birthday party.  They loved it of course!

All the Lyon great-grandkids + 1 who's been unofficially adopted. :-)

We came back to our last week before school started & I officially started wearing a purse again!  Woohoo!  It came a little sooner than years past, and for all intents & purposes it is probably still a diaper bag since it does carry a spare.  But photo worthy nonetheless!  An early birthday present to me.

The boys all went for their back to school hair cuts, and little David enjoyed a back seat ride in the boat!  No haircut for him yet, but I'm sure soon enough!

David's 6 month appointment!  My little sitter in a pile of doctor's office paper & loving every minute. :-)  He was 16 lbs 10 oz & 27 3/4 in long.  Although his weight sort of dropped off between 4 & 6 months, (he only gained half a pound), the doctor said not to worry.  With the introduction of more food, his weight will come back on track by the 9 month appt (which ironically, we went to today!  He is back on track for sure.  yay!)

I've enjoyed snapping a picture of these boys all sitting together on our front steps, and I am so thankful that I can trust my biggest fella to hold on tight to baby bro!  Of course Hayden is pouting because he wanted to hold David, haha.  I suppose these group shots will be challenging for the next little while!

Just before the first day, we were able to get together to celebrate a new sweet baby girl coming to our Church family!  We had a baby shower for Carrie F. at our house & what fun it was.  A very casual affair, it was us enjoying some good food & fellowship & writing some encouragement cards with prayer & scripture.  We were able to pray over Carrie before her delivery, and shower her with gifts!  I'm so thankful we were able to celebrate little baby Phoebe!

I really enjoy this age.  I absolutely love each stage for its own unique joy, and the 6 month mark is no exception.  These adorable faces and the personality coming out make for more fun each day.  I adore seeing his little look mature, and looking back, I can see it was there all along hidden in the baby face.  These boy is absolutely the cutest baby, & I could just love him up!  Maybe that's why I've started calling him love bug. ;-)

Three buried treasures! haha also called three sand mummies!

Hayden's meet the teacher!  He has Mrs. Pounds this year & y'all.  She is lovely!  I am absolutely not stressed this year about how it will go.  I feel such a different sense of excitement, despite how young my little buddy is.  I kept waiting for a sign that he wasn't ready, because he was just barely 5, but it never came.  All signs have pointed to him being more ready than even James was!  Thanks big bro; you've given him lots of lessons & it shows!

First day of school for my first grader & kindergartener!  AAH!  I am amazed.

To get a decent smile, I had to warm them up with some funny shots.  The top right is Hayden's first smile for me. hahah, yikes!  I love this boy!

James didn't have any trouble smiling, but he did have a great time making some silly faces.  He was really excited for school!

So Calvin & David & I hung out by ourselves that whole week.  We took a jog up to the park & enjoyed our quieter days.  Calvin had a hard time being at home alone.  He plays so sweetly by himself, but he really loves being with his brothers.  He gets lonely without them!

David finally started enjoying sitting up in his high chair!  I got out a second strap for his baby seat belt that I had made, and that was the ticket.  He needed that extra support to feel comfortable, and I'm so glad!  Happy baby in the high chair is way better!

Always a wild man that Hayden. :-)

David was folding his little hands at bedtime one night, and it was just so sweet.  Almost like bedtime prayers.

And so it was Calvin's turn!  First day in the Rainbow class!  K-3

Check out tooth #2!

Calvin was dancing around one afternoon in his Ohio State shirt that my Aunt Cindy & Uncle Robbie sent us.  What a funny guy!  Love him.  Had to share with them of course!

And the bear holding the baby.  David thought it was hilarious.

The end of August brought a visit from Grammy&Papa!!  We love it when they come to visit, and we had a grand time just doing nothing.  I really can't remember!  My mom&I got to go out for pedicures, and that was a highlight to me.  Otherwise, just playing & eating good food & enjoying the company is what we do!

David loves you!!

First time riding in the Publix airplane shopping buggy.  What a sweet little chicken!!  Seriously, he is just too adorable.  I love every minute of it.  Although, when he screams at me it's not that fun.  But I wouldn't trade him for anything.  Love you little fella- I'm so glad you surprised us!

Thank you Lord for a wonderful month full of so many endings & beginnings.  Thank you for the change of routine, and the start of schedule.  Thank you for disciplining us to rise & teaching us to keep the time.  Thank you for teaching me how to do it without being frustrated with my children.  What a joy it is to have them in my life!  I am so grateful for each one.  Thank you Father.  Amen.

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