Friday, November 4, 2016


Welcome September, to start off with the loveliness of an extended holiday made you easy to love.  We embraced the chance to rest from the business of school year beginnings, and decided to spend the weekend exploring wild Florida.  We visited the State park of Washington Oaks the first day, and its coquina rock formations were by far the most distinctive feature.  Incredibly beautiful!

I love getting the chance to snap a picture of all four of my sons.  I'm still amazed they are mine.  It is my incredible privilege to mother these dear ones.

My little man is 7 months old!!  He was over 17lbs this month & in the neighborhood of 29 inches long.  He's sitting up pretty well now, and had 2 teeth!  He is loving his new little lease on life; seeing the world sitting up!  The best part of being 7 months old: he started sleeping through the night! Hip hip hooray!  I am so thankful that the Lord answered my honest prayer one night asking for the full night's rest, and although he isn't consistent yet, it is a wonderful relief to be better rested (for him & I both!)

Our second adventure was to the Manatee Springs State Park where the boys went out on a canoe & saw a pretty big gator. Yikes!  Welcome to wild Florida.  We picked up some snorkels for our crew & wanted to take them in the Springs to see down, but the water was pretty cloudy this particular day.  So we didn't get to really enjoy the spring part, but boy was it cold enough to wake everybody up!  Burr for sure.  The boys liked swimming back&forth across the spring more than diving down.  We also saw two water snakes & an armadillo.  The boys had a blast!

The most exciting part of our September was celebrating Mimi's 60th birthday!  We were so excited that She&Grandpa were able to come up for Grandparents' lunch at the boys' elementary school, so we were able to celebrate a little early.  We picked out a beautiful necklace as a special gift, and I think she loved it!

No trip with the grandparents is complete without a stop for ice cream, haha!

Our best surprise for Mimi was yet to come... a surprise party!  Grandpa & Matt worked really hard to plan this party and iron out all the details.  Natassja & I did the decorations, and she planned a really sweet letter project as a gift for Mrs. Teresa.  Everyone came to the party with some special memories to give her!  I know she enjoyed them.  She was so surprised, and of course shed some tears of joy!  I hope she knows how much we all love her.

My little baby blue eyes.  I always love the way the light hits his eyes when I put him in his carseat.  It seems to make them so bright, and I try all the time to capture that look.  These pictures still don't quite do it, but it's always with the try.  What an beautiful baby.

My flowers from the surprise party & my baby in the background. A big box can be the very best toy. All kind of adventure awaits!

My two bookends who look so much alike to me.  James was a beautiful baby; I think they will resemble each other when they get bigger!

I did not plan this picture, but rather asked James to help me give David a bath before I had picked up a new bath mat for the tub.  Next thing I knew, all the boys wanted to be in the bath with David, and I had to snap a picture!  May be a favorite; they were all so happy!

My parents gave us a gift card for our anniversary, and we picked out a new beach blanket that blocks out sand!?!  We had to take it out for a test, and it did!  I'm hoping we get lots of use out of it in the years to come.

I am so grateful for the ability to take as many pictures as I want.  I love capturing all David's little baby features as they change & grow.  His little feet & hands, and the way he first started picking up his hands off the ground & balancing.  precious one.

September was the beginning of Tball season for us again this year!  I had hoped Calvin would be able to play on the team this year, but it worked out that he was able to have his friend Gus to play ball with the whole season.  How lucky!  He doesn't mind not playing so much when Gus is there to play too.

David started to get up on his hands & knees in this rocking position.  Crawling is soon to come!

Thank you Lord for September.  For all our sports activities that bring so much fun, gymnastics & T ball.  Thank you for our friends at school & otherwise.  Thank you for the time to just sit outside & enjoy the fresh air & the lack of chores for a few hours.  Thank you for the time I spent running and how it soothes my mind & body.  Thank you for trips to the park & playdates for my younger ones.  Thank you for having to clean my own house & the work that allows me to serve my family.  Thank you for the time I can take to record our journey, and for the coffee that wakes up my sleepy brain.  Thank you for my lovely mother-in-law & celebrating her.  Thank you for my amazing husband who never ceases to be my very best friend.  Thank you for all my boys are learning & how James is becoming an amazing reader.  Thank you that my boys like to play Math problems like a game.  Thank you for Calvin's patience in waiting for his turn to do all the things he sees his brothers doing.  Thank you for nap time.  Thank you for David's smile.  Amen.

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