Saturday, September 24, 2016

Happy 5th Birthday Hayden!!

Happy 5th birthday to my buddy Hayden!!!  I love this guy so much, and I'm so thankful we get to celebrate him.  Daddy started the day off with a pancake topped with a chocolate syrup number 5!

For his birthday, my Hayden wanted to go to the movies!  We took him to see the 'Secret Life of Pets' movie, and ended up having it sell out! aah!  So we bought a later ticket, for more money, and went to Chick fil a for lunch to wait till our show.  I was so frustrated & our whole 'schedule' for the day was shifted, but you know what?  I remember those feelings, but I remember how happy Hayden was when I took a deep breath and just dove in.  Taking all these kiddos to CFA & then movies was way more than I had prepared myself for, but it was worth it for my Hayden.  Next time, I won't wait.  I'll buy our tickets ahead!

Hayden got to have ice cream cake for his special day since Mimi was making his birthday party cake.  We had our dessert & opened his gifts from us.  We facetimed with Grammy&Papa so they could see him open their gifts.  He was thrilled & played with toys all evening.  That's a good birthday friends.  It's good to be 5.

The day finally came for his party!! He was beyond excited, and check out the AMAZING cake his Mimi made for him!  Seriously, wow!

Matt&I set up some modest snacks & a turtle watermelon with his favorite guy, Leonardo.  We made some little 'masked' cookies & called it a day.  This was a simple set up because what do the TMNT eat?  Pizza!! haha, so we ordered pizza for lunch.

My buddy Hayden, the king of making faces, & his shirt mommy made!

He had a blast with his friends swimming!

Time for the special cake!!

I love this picture of Grandpa & these two.  They spend so much time giggling&being silly with Grandpa and somehow I get to catch these little gems.  So much fun&love.  It's a beautiful thing to see.

Thanks for helping us celebrate our Hayden!!  We had a great day with our family&friends!  Y'all, it means so much to our boys to feel special on these days set aside for them.  Thank you.

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