Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Oh my sweet David Scott, you are nearly two months old in this pic!!  You went for your check up & weighed 12 lbs 7 oz and were 23 1/4 in long.  It is awesome to watch how fast you have changed.  And of course makes it a little sad to pack up your tiny clothes so soon.  You are already in your 3-6 month size clothes and size 2 diapers.  Amazing.

James & Hayden got to play on the same soccer team this year at the YMCA, and although it wasn't the best year, it was really nice.  The forced time to be outside in the sunshine & fresh air was so valuable.  Even though it meant a crazy momma up until that point some days.  This picture has both of the boys playing in the game together cheered on by daddy & calvin on the sideline.

David, your face is just the cutest.  I love your new expressions & can't help but try to capture them.

We had the privilege of resurfacing our pool the end of this winter!  We had been wanting to for years, and we were lucky enough to be able to do it this year.  We had to take a family picture in the bottom of our empty pool to see just how BIG the pool really is!  It is kind of amazing.  One more item off our 'to fix' list for our home, and one more gift to enjoy with our family for years to come.

Our little buddy turned two months old, so I have been taking video of him on his 'month birthdays' this time around.  I'm hoping that by being able to watch him as he grows & changes, that I can save up the memories even better this time around.  Babies are just wonderful if you ask me, and my sweet David has been that and more.

Whenever we can, we love to run away to the beach for a late afternoon play & dinner on the beach.  I love skipping the worst heat of the day and enjoying the lingering sun as it goes down.  The beach is a magical place because you cannot even hear the children's loud voices as they play.  One of our constant battles is keeping 'inside voices' as well and 'not screaming' when they play outside.  They just love to scream, and I'm not sure why.  So at the beach, let it rip boys!! Scream, shout, go nuts!  And we don't even have to be bothered by it (nor does anyone else).  Thank you beach for basically being a giant noise canceling machine for my sons to enjoy having no volume restrictions!

This baby fell asleep in my lap & had the squishy-lip-sleeping-face.  Makes my heart melt.

David's best buddy is Hayden.  Hayden just loves this baby, even though he has stiff competition for that title.  James is an awesome helper & adores David. They have both taught Calvin how to be so sweet to David, and his favorite thing is to come up to David and say, "Hiiiiiii!! oh Hiiiii!!" in this high pitched little sing song voice.  It's just plain adorable.

This is the age of bed time routine actually beginning for our little guy.  He started falling asleep on my chest or Matt's around 8:30 or 9 pm, so we started trying to get him in his little bassinet if we could.  These last few pictures from when he was two months old were so sweet, and we were so tired.  But we enjoyed each last day.

The boys got sleeping bags as a fun treat so they could have a camp out in the yard when the weather permitted... needless to say, they had a blast just getting inside and rolling around!! haha, it really doesn't take too much for them to have a good old time, or coincidently, to injure one another.

For national park day, we went out to the Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine.  This originally Spanish fort is an incredible place to see, explore, and watch the cannons as they shoot one!  The boys always have a great time visiting here.  This day, we participated in the 'junior ranger' program & the boys all completed the activity to receive a badge and certificate.  We will be on the look out for more 'junior ranger' programs to do in the future!

Make ready the cannons!

It only took a couple of weeks before the weather was perfect for a camp out in the back yard.  With a tiny new baby, we decided this was the best way to enjoy the experience and do a test run.  I was sure they would be coming back inside, but they did it!  Spent the entire night outside.  The boys loved it.

Their request for hot chocolate did not work out for the camp night, so I made it in the morning for the boys.  Don't worry, marshmallows were added!

The best part of the set up was when Calvin disappeared for a minute, and then came outside WITH THE PLAY TENT FROM HIS BEDROOM.  haha, I'm so glad he didn't fall down the stairs trying to carry it, or break anything hanging on the walls.  Gosh, but it was hilarious to see it set up next to the other tents outside.

Love this sleepy, relaxed baby.  

Happy Spring time herb garden!  We revamped our yard with mulch, my little garden, new bird feeders, and new humming bird feeders.  We have enjoyed our yard & all the beauty that surrounds us daily.

This guy has got some hilariously adorable faces.

Ah, the bliss of a sleeping baby.  So glad to capture those last new nights before we let us put him down in his bed.

Bedtime for Calvin & hugs from his big bro.  "mom aren't we sweet? you should take our picture"

Calvin got to take cupcakes in to his Sunshine class for his birthday.  He asked for chocolate with sprinkles, and he got to have Star Wars rings!  So much fun to celebrate him.

I am always amazed by how white the hairs falling out of my head are turning.  It is amazing!  My baby in his sweet bassinet.

Oh my goodness Mr. Happy!!

Our buddy learned to roll from his belly to his back around 2.5 months.  It took him a little longer to learn the other way around!

I can't help myself when my baby is so little & cute.  I took tons of pictures.

We volunteered to decorate Mrs. Viola's door at school for the Spring/Summer time & decided to use Calvin's Snoopy house!  It worked perfectly, and Calvin was so kind to share it.

David holding up his head & having chats with me.  I love how tiny he looks, even at 13 lbs.

The boys last soccer game & Grammy&Papa got to come and watch!

We enjoyed watching our boys play.  They worked hard & tried their best.  They didn't play on the best team or make a ton of progress in their skill level, but they had fun.  Their last game was pretty rough on them because they got discouraged, but Daddy went over to hang out on the bench, and to me, that was the highlight of the game.

We were so proud: James was given the 'Citizen of the month' award at school!  For April it was fairness, I think.  My boy BEAMED.  He was so proud of himself & has the biggest smile on in this picture.  It makes my heart swell to watch him feel that.

Lord, Thank you for April.  Thank you for how our family has been knit together with adding David. Thank you for special times to spend together, for sports & beach trips & camp outs.  Thank you for the simple beauty in bird feeders & hot chocolate cups.  Thank you for the chance to watch our son feel proud of himself.  Thank you for Calvin's 3rd birthday & what an amazingly sweet three year old he is.  I'm so thankful to be able to celebrate his life.  Thank you for our four sons, each one is so special to me, and I am grateful to have each one.  Amen.

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