Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Ah, it feels as if we woke up one day, and it was already May.  David turned 3 months old & weighed 14 lbs 3 oz.  We moved him up to seeing in his crib at night, and switched out his swaddles for sleep sacks.  This picture he's wearing a 9 month size sleeper.  He's growing so fast.

May brought with it the end of school (nearly for James) for the boys & all the celebrations that come along with it.  Calvin had a 'muffins with mom' for Mother's Day, which is the picture of him with his head in his hands.  haha, he's not always up for the photo ops on party days.  

David&Hayden.  I think this one one of the last times he could wear 6 month size rompers.  I had to size up to the 9 months & the 6-9 month size sleepers.  Gosh it really is hard each time to move up in clothes.  Something about putting things away to never be used again, little things that you love because you love your little baby, who isn't that same 'little' anymore.  The growth is for him, but it is for me too.  I must grow alongside him as we both walk this journey together.

I love lego Star Wars.  I'm not going to lie, the little battles, and the ships, and the adventure they have.  I love it all.  It's like watching their imaginations come to life.

James made me a cake for mother's day at his school, and it was such a surprise!  Someone donated it in my honor, which was just so kind.  I never found out who to thank, even though I tried!  Thank you, cake giver.  It was really a great gift.

Grandpa's birthday was over Mother's Day weekend, so we got to see family & spend the day on a house boat.  The boys loved fishing & cruising.  David was a good sport, and didn't make it a tough day for us.  I'm so thankful for the opportunities to be together.

Jack&Max with David!

Captain Hayden doesn't mess around when he's driving the boat!  Intensity!

Happy Mother's Day to me, my first as momma to four.

I was able to help serve a senior banquet for the Young Life girls that my sweet friend disciples.  What a treat to get to see the girls, see my friend interact with them, and help her be free to do so by taking care of the meal.  I'm excited to help with YL- I love being a part!

My David, getting used to playing on the floor more everyday.  Gosh I could just eat him up!!

We headed out to the beach to finish our Mother's Day celebrations.  It is one of my favorite things to do, and we treated ourselves to an awesome seafood dinner.  Lovely weather & great friends.  It is an honor to be a part of other's lives as we all move through these days together.

I like this pictures because of our little stair steps....

Our boys took swimming lessons this May from our much beloved Coach Sally.  The boys all did very well, and the older two are really getting to be good swimmers now.  Calvin did great as well, but needed more practice to really be swimming independently.

I've started trying to write more in my journal, and I am always amazed to see how beautiful the simple view from my kitchen table becomes in the right light.  I'm hoping to continue to work on my writing, my voice as an author, my purpose in the work, and what audience would be interested in reading what I write.  I pray that the Lord would use my simple words & the steps of faith in the action of daily writing to His glory, whatever way big or small that may be.

My handsome hubs loves to get down on the floor with David as he lays on his belly & learns to play.  I love capturing their moments together.

Young Life had a 5K just down the street from our house, so we decided support them & run! as a family!  The two older boys ran some of the race, and they hitched a ride on the stroller for a break.  We had a great time together, and the boys got their first race medals!

Just capturing some of the beautiful little prayer reminders I've taped up around my home.  I love the work done by True Cotton Art!  I got gifts for Mother's Day this year for our moms from her shop as well!

Calvin, the astronaut stopped traffic all day long as he wore his suit around town.  Especially at the grocery store.  He was so sweet, and loved just laying down beside David to hang out with him.

Daddy time.

My boys playing basketball in our driveway & my beautiful flowers on my breakfast table.

A baby shower for a new friend at our church.  I love getting to celebrate babies!!

I purchased teacher gifts for our dear VPK teachers from Dear Mushka to give them something beautiful to wear, but also something meaningful.  The jewelry all come with a name & Bible verse reference so that each piece becomes significant in its own way.

Hayden learned to ride his bike with no training wheels!!  At 4.5 years old, which to me just seems amazing.  Way to go Hayden!

James had a Kindergarten program at his school, and we were so excited to be able to see him sing.  We loved being able to enjoy it with our dear friends, the Wests.

David is getting bigger&bigger.  I love naked baby before bath time pictures.

The middle boys last day of preschool!  Amazing how much they changed from the first day to the last.  But Elephante made it in both pictures, haha!  I had a good laugh about that.

We loved their dear teachers!!

We were so thankful to have Mimi come up to see our Hayden graduate from VPK.  She even got to snuggle David for a few minutes- the big boys usually demand all her attention!

The proud brothers at the church!  We took James out of school for the day so he could celebrate Hayden with us. :-)

Hayden's sweet teacher made me a gift for being their room mom!  I was so surprised!  It is a beautiful reference that I appreciate so much.  The sweet encouragement & generosity they both showed me was beautiful.  It was truly a lovely year of preschool!

I have to snap a picture when all four of my guys pile in together.  It is just to sweet not to!  These boys have so much fun together.

Our David was dedicated over Memorial weekend, and my mom went with me to pick our his special clothes!  It was so fun to have her with me, and she bough him the precious white leather shoes & socks for the occasion.  His beautiful white 'kicker' was just perfect.  I loved seeing him in it!


Oh my beautiful baby boy!  I cannot get enough of you, and you've grow so fast!

We were so lucky to have both our parents come to see David's dedication and also James' baptism!!  He had been asking to be baptized for over a year, and he was able to!  It was one of the proudest moments of my life.  I cried tears of joy & felt such an amazing sense of the Lord's presence.  It was truly a very special, special day.

Thank you Lord for a month full of good things.  A month of endings & a month of beginnings.  The beautiful moments we spent with our family, and the moments we will remember for the rest of our lives I hope.  Lord thank you for James' baptism & his profession of faith in you.  He is such an encouragement to Matt&I, and we are so thankful & grateful for him.  Thank you for Hayden's graduation of VPK & his next chapter in Kindergarten.  Please safeguard him in his next steps & continue to draw him to yourself.  Thank you for Calvin & the sweetest of being 3 years old.  He is a joy & we are so thankful for his laughter.  Thank you for David & the sweet blessing he is to our whole family.  We are truly better for having him with us.  Thank you for our dear parents & the time we get to spend with them.  Thank you for how much time we are given, despite our desire for more. Thank you for the men in James's life who lead and guide him: our fathers, his father, our pastors at church.  What a beautiful encouragement to be surrounded by good men of faith as a boy and watch their example as you grow up.  Thank you Lord for your many gifts to us. Amen.

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