Monday, June 20, 2016

Calvin's 3rd Birthday!

Cavlin's 3rd birthday this year came with Snoopy.  He has loved Charlie Brown, or as he says, "Parlee Bwown" over this past year after watching all the holiday specials and the new movie in the theater last summer.  I was so excited when he wanted to have a Snoopy party!!  We had so much fun.

My hilarious & adorable Snoopy cookies!  I tried so hard to make these cookies, and I even hand iced them all using a frosting bag.  It turns out, I should have stuck to my ziplock with the corner cut out! haha.  I had a difficult time managing the frosting, but those little labors of love were delicious.  And Snoopy's always cute; isn't that the truth??

We set our snacks out this time with a Curry Chicken Salad as the main attraction, and it was a big hit!  I was so excited to find a new recipe to try out, and it did not disappoint!

Happy Birthday to my sweet little Calvin!  We love you so much.

The kiddos got to paint a little ceramic snoopy dog house with Snoopy laying on the top!  This one was a big hit with my boys.

These are Snoopy headbands with a little Woodstock sticker.  The ears were such a cute treat!

 Mimi made some special treats for the party as well!  Snoopy cake pops & the main star of the show, the Charlie Brown & friends cake!  Complete with the Red Baron & the World War I Flying Ace up on top!

 My snoopy cookies!

 I loved the Peanuts letters I was able to find for the birthday banner.  Such a fun project.

Charlie Brown momma & my little Snoopy boy.

We were so surprised & excited that Nana Lyon was able to come up for Calvin's party!  She got to meet David for the first time, and we all enjoyed her company.

 Happy Birthday dear Calvin, Happy Birthday to you!!

 Calvin woke up the next day to his actual birthday, which was fun for us to keep the celebration going.  He had asked for his own big bike like his brothers, and that was what he got!  James, Hayden, and David also got him the Charlie Brown movie & a big Snoopy to snuggle.  mommy&daddy as always, got him a book to commemorate.

His first big bike ride!  And some new stuffed animals from Grammy&Papa. :-)

Calvin, you are the sweetest three year old.  Some people say that 3 is a harder age than 2, but not for you.  You wake up in the morning and say, "hello! hello? hello!"  Your giggles and laughter are contagious.  Your dimples & dark eyes can melt nearly anyone's heart.  (as I write this, you learned to swim today for the first time ever!)  You are sweet to your baby brother David, and you always give him kisses and hugs.  You mind mommy even when you have time out, and you don't mind at all throwing your fit while in time out. haha.  You love telling your big brothers what to do, so I enjoy letting you call them in for dinner or for bed time.  Your pouty face is just as adorable as your smile.  You finished potty training, hooray!! and decided why not, no more diapers, ever!  So you sleep all night dry now.  You amaze me buddy, and I am so proud of you.  We are so happy to have you in our family.

Thank you Lord for this sweet boy Calvin Dean.  He is a precious gift to our family, and we wouldn't be the same without him.  Thank you.  We are so grateful for all the joy he brings to our lives.  Give us wisdom to raise him up in your ways Lord. Amen.

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