Friday, June 17, 2016


My goodness, I'm tardy catching up on our year.  March, you seem so long ago now but it was my sweet baby's second month of life.  No wonder it's taken me so long to walk back down this road full of memories I've already started to forget.

I love how David's face still has that newborn look.  Something in his eyes & the way his skin has little creases.  I took this photo for his 1 month old picture.

Hayden's class took their fire station field trip that ended at the playground while the firemen went on a call.  This boy loves his daddy so much.  I remember how proud he was when Daddy got to come, and in this picture, he was absolutely beaming.

I took James for his 6 year old check up, and as you can see from this picture, he is quite the spirited young man.  It is one of his greatest strengths, but as a child it will be one of his challenges as well.  Learning to tame your temper & tongue is a lesson many adults have yet to master.  I hope we can teach him the discipline he needs to to use that amazing energetic spirit to his advantage.

I absolutely love this shot.  Maybe the first time I caught my amazing husband with all four of his sons.  And he made it look so easy.

Golly, this image of James melts my heart every time I see it.  He asked to hold David after church one Sunday, but also after riding his bike for a few minutes.  This awesome helmet hair has to get framed in our home-it is already an image I will treasure.

My boys- Spring Break at home with a newborn.  We painted a birdhouse & ended up getting some paint all over these guys as well.  I can't remember why they ended up on the front porch, but I was brave enough to let James hold David so I could capture them.

Hayden wanted to be the one to hold David, which explains the pouty face in the first image.  Haha, he is David's buddy.

Hayden&Fletcher at Beckham's 6th birthday party.  I love our sweet friends.

Oh my sweet baby.  And his new spaceship as I call it.

I catch glimpses of this sweet baby face in the mirror as I rock David, and I try to get an image.  He looks so tiny in my arms, and those sweet baby gowns are the best.

Big brothers dancing in the driveway as they watch their shadows dance too.

My David.  Just getting big enough to put down on his quilt for a chance to stretch out.  He's wearing Hayden's coning home outfit for the last time.

Tummy time isn't as bad when your big brother Hayden stays right by your side.

We drove down to my Mimi&Grandpa's house for a welcome party for you David.  It was your first trip, and your first time to meet many of our family on your Daddy's side.  Uncle Dan got to hold you!  Mimi bought you a cake and hosted the gathering.  Your family loves you sweet one.

Uncle John & Aunt Kelsey surprised us all by driving in to meet you.  They also had ulterior motives, like surprising us all with their own pregnancy, but meeting you David was worth the drive.

We spent Palm Sunday at their church and got some pictures of all the boys with their grandparents.

Mimi & Grandpa wanted to have an easter egg hunt for the kids as an early treat since everyone was together.  Thank you for all the ways in which you made our David feel loved!

I just could eat this baby up.  These sweet little legs & adorable expressions.

Calvin in our backyard, marching to the beat of his own drum.  and I, just struck by the beauty of the light in those trees.

Sending our David's birth announcements & little thank you's tucked inside.  We have never felt so loved by our friends and community- truly like a family to us.  It felt like a privilege to send out our bits of gratitude to those who helped us in many different ways.

I took our little crew out to the zoo by myself for the first time.  Mommy selfie with all four!

Baby bath time is just the funniest & sweetest.  but also wet.  I forget how quickly you have to work when they are this small so they don't get cold.  I wish I could snap more pictures of bath time.

Fresh blooms & piano songs.  just a few of the things I'm grateful to have in my days.

David & Daddy.  My he looks so little!!

I think the last time for this little outfit- why is it so hard to say goodbye to baby clothes?!  He has grown so fast.

Calvin on the bench at soccer practice.  Not our finest season, but one that I think we are still happy to have played.  It got us out of our house with our little guys & fresh air does a body&mind so good. Just having the time that all other activity must cease so we can be at practice was a gift, even when getting there was torturous.

Lord thank you for a sweet, simple month of many days at home.  Thank you for the people who fed us & visited us & made us feel like our baby was welcomed & loved.  Thank you that we have a few snapshots of these precious days to remind us of how quickly the days pass.  Thank you Lord for our family & how we spend our lives in their service.  Amen.

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