Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday Hayden!

Our sweet middle.little. had his 3rd birthday this July.  It's kinda unreal, but my little guys are all getting so big!  My Haddie-bug was up for an Octonaut birthday party this summer, which was a blast to throw.  One of my favorite moments: as we were setting up the party, baby Calvin napping, and these big boys jumped into the kiddie pool in their undies.

We have so enjoyed throwing themed parties for our boys while they are little.  I hope our boys can look back on these parties & have fond memories!  We served 'kelp cakes' which were apple sauce with smiling faces.  They.loved.these.  The 'fish biscuits' were just gold fish crackers in little snack bags.  We had 'bunch of munchy crunchy carrots' and hummus.  The 'Gup A' for our fruit.  (the Octo-dogs weren't cooked yet)

Thanks to Aunt Michelle for coming in early & helping out.  Hayden's second watermelon creation by Michelle!  The 'Gup A' turned out so cute!

A snapshot of our party - I loved the big wall stickers!  Part of his gift from us & now up in his room!

Octonauts hats & seaweed walls.  Sound the Octo-alert!

Clam cookies.  Made these for fun with the boys before the party.  They each got to make one & eat it after their breakfast.  It was so much fun- easy to make & looked so cute!  (made from shortbread cookies, mini-marshmellows, pink frosting & chocolate frosting eyes ;-)

Peso's medical bag party favors!

Tissue garland in the Oconaut colors, orange & teal polka dot.  The kids really loved playing with this, but it didn't tear up!  (I was surprised)  It gets two thumbs up for looking great & being kid friendly.

We had vanilla cupcakes with blue puff frosting from Publix!  I found the cupcake papers, and the kids loved them!  James wore a cupcake paper as a bracelet for the party.

To make an Octonaut cake, I just ordered a blue cake & used some M&Ms to create some seaweed.  Added his favorite Octonaut, Kwasii as the topper & Captain Barnacles and Peso there on the sides.  Hayden had his own cake for blowing out this candles. (we didn't end up cutting the cake at the party, which worked out great.  We saved it for the next day, which was actually his birthday.  Perfect size for us to share & he got to blow out his candles twice! haha).

Summer birthday parties are so much fun for swimming!  I know my boys all had a blast, and I hope everyone else did as well.

Grammy & baby Calvin playing.  He loved the bubble machine!  (I thought it would be a fun, 'underwater' feeling for playing the matching clam game in the kiddie pool.  As it turns out, the kids just we full tilt & needed no encouragement for playing or games.  It was definitely a free for all! haha)

I (regrettably) did not get a picture of our 'octo-dogs' for lunch!  We split the hotdogs down the middle to create an octopus & my Dad, my Father-in-law, and my handsome hubs cooked up some really cute hot dogs for the kids.  (the adults did not have to eat octopus hotdogs, ha!)

Next up was cake!  Happy birthday dear Hayden, happy birthday to you!

Hayden decided to wave goodbye to our family while riding hew new scooter, Thanks Aunt Michelle!
(He's just the cutest thing.  I love how tall he looks in this picture, and his sweet little legs looking so long & not like little toddler legs anymore)  Also, I made his '3' t-shirt.  I loved how the colors & stripes looked with the solid orange 3, thanks Old Navy! (also two years in a row, last year's pirate party shirt was an old navy stripe as well ;-)

Grammy got to read the boys a story for nap time, a part of their gift, an Oconaut book!  A new favorite for sure. (these books have really beautiful art as a side note.  two thumbs up!)

The following day was his actual birthday, and we celebrated with Iron Man (his new PJs from our sweet neighbors!)  Oh, how blessed we are to celebrate together.  3 years.

Happy birthday dear Iron Man, happy birthday to you!!  We love you so much Hayden.  You bring such joy to our lives & our home.  I hope you know how special you are to us.  Mommy&Daddy love you buddy!  Hope you had a great birthday.

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